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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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    SERO.TWO New Member

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  2. LiveFreeDieFree

    LiveFreeDieFree Member

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  3. Kaskt

    Kaskt Member

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    Hayst your tags getting good imo.
  4. PETER

    PETER Elite Member

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    hayst: you are certainly improving. Starting to get some funk. I like the Y. Try giving your T some more attitude.
  5. MyNipsAreHard

    MyNipsAreHard Senior Member

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    Hayst- i feel like the H doesnt really flow. and the T is kinda plain. i like everything else tho.
    Sero- i feel like if would just tag faster the lines would be cleaner. no need for the loop around the tag. not a bad simple style tag tho. i love simple style tags. clean and easy to read.
    Bak- quit hating. at least give criticism
  6. ERAYS

    ERAYS Member

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    yo hayst - i like that, gettin better, i would loose the "halo" or w.e above the H IMO but i like it, keep fuckin with it...also your Y looks exactly the same as in one of my tags lol and i swear i didnt bite that :p go on, KEEP WRITTING!!!

    Sero - keep the letters simple and try to get a stable hand, it'll come through practice...also i wouldn't do the loop but its art so w.e

    Block - i like it, the only thing i would change is the L, i feel like you could fit it in better with the B if u keep messin with it, otherwise not bad

    here's some random tags on scrap paper that I actually kinda like...crits??

    Photo 246.jpg Photo 249.jpg Photo 250.jpg

    on second thought i only like the 1st one, the rest have sketchy unproportional letters but crit/comment anyway if you want
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  7. MTK

    MTK Senior Member

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    sorry its sooo big? whats a site to size it?
  8. gim

    gim Senior Member

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    fucked up on the !

    @erays i like the first one just remove the extra lines under the y line
    @mtk try flipping that shit so i can actually try to read it lol, upload it it lets you choose any size
  9. sifer-

    sifer- Member

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    crits please :}


    erayss uhh i geuss make it flow more the y has like a lotta fuckin corners but i geuss i like the first one imo

    mtk uhh idk what to say i dont know what it says and it looks weird LOL

    soa lookin better mann write it over and over again on paper and itll gfet beetter
  10. FatallyUnderEstimated

    FatallyUnderEstimated Member

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  11. FatallyUnderEstimated

    FatallyUnderEstimated Member

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  12. OZON

    OZON Senior Member

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  13. Tempo718

    Tempo718 Elite Member

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    339183_225611087500226_100001540101387_628276_861149343_o copy.jpg
    is a character considerd a tag... the main question of the day on my mind.
  14. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    Toga reppin bs krue !!!
  15. gim

    gim Senior Member

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    lol at the BS stickers
    BSTTT crew
    (bs toy tag thread)
  16. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    purrrrrrtyyyy drunk so idk if this sucks but im heading out to hit ths upp allover town around fiveish so crits before that wuld b nice

    also all above m except donerr sux mad cockz so work on your shit dudes. lol thats a horrible crit... uhh naked do a simpler n and d. do your tag a 100 times till you get steezy.

    tempo- hard t read, the t looks like an i. looks like an e after the m, and the po is hard tosee. go simpler too and just develop your swag my man. maybe make the staight down bar of th T longer and lose the horzontsl bar at the botton,. and finish your O. letters dont hide behinsd eachotehr in tags
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  17. r4wrs4uce

    r4wrs4uce Member

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    Just 2 simple stickers hate if you want i found these laying around so why not post.

    Attached Files:

  18. Banned

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    out bombing
    thotz.tag.bench.jpg thotz.tag.bench2.jpg thotz.tag.bridge.jpg thotz.tag.bridge.three.jpg thotz.tag.bridge2.jpg
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  19. MyNipsAreHard

    MyNipsAreHard Senior Member

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    Thotz- like it except for the bottom arrow loop thing
    BLK.jpg BLOCK (2).jpg BLOCK hi.jpg BLOCK!.jpg SIR.jpg

    What do you guys think
  20. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    first one: bik
    second one: biocro
    third and 4th: biock
    last one's the only one you spelled right... dunno if it's your spelling or your letters..
    but in general they look ok