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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. echoV

    echoV Senior Member

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    go bigger... even when you practice..
    seems like a waste of paper, but going this small only makes sense if you want to perfect a miniature tag, cuz when you walk up to a wall and try something big, it isn't coming from anything you've practiced/mastered.
    hell-- you may even create a better flowing tag when you practice going big by letting your arm do the writing VS these wrist & hand tags on paper
  2. SuburbanTurban

    SuburbanTurban Elite Member

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    Thanks scaper I appreciate it.

    Other dudes just keep at it stay persistent
  3. SinsAndInk

    SinsAndInk Senior Member

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    Real ***** fake writer,i gotta remember that one.
    Not feeling that N at all brotha or the L really.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
  4. No Need

    No Need Senior Member

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    Ive been working on this for a while
    I think it looks alright
  5. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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  6. No Need

    No Need Senior Member

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  7. Rat902

    Rat902 Member

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  8. Bt98

    Bt98 Senior Member

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    No need, draw bigger man. The letters aren't bad, simple, but it's too small
    Rat, go simple for now my man. Write your letters like you see them on the keyboard
  9. PaceOne

    PaceOne New Member

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    looking for some crits so i can improve my style anything helps! 20161217_185128.jpg 20161217_182637.jpg
  10. Koda01

    Koda01 Senior Member

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    it looks good i guess, it's solid so i have nothing to say negativly
  11. quickiehand

    quickiehand Senior Member

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    keep tagging like that and nobody will ever see ur tag even if u pointed it to people
  12. No Need

    No Need Senior Member

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    Haha I know it was my mistake
  13. lse292

    lse292 Senior Member

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    20161219_043817.jpg which one is the best? My favourite is first from left on top
  14. IbuprofenTablets

    IbuprofenTablets Banned

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  15. Zuser

    Zuser Member

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  16. Ekko

    Ekko New Member

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    Hi, I just recently became interested in graffiti. I've been trying out different names for a couple of days now and finally decided on one. I know that this tag isn't very good but I'd really appreciate it if I could get a critique on how to make it better. Thanks in advance. image.jpg
  17. "ZOALZ"

    "ZOALZ" Senior Member

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    hey guys. been a few months since I've been on i believe... but I've been busy progressing my game... crits? thanks.

  18. "ZOALZ"

    "ZOALZ" Senior Member

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    Ekko: like the D, the k reminds me of my first k's... haha. I would work on the flow of the letters and how they work together. In my opinion the e and the u do not necessarily work well. Just keep on writing over and over again, your tag, and your letters/alphabet, and your style will start to develop! ;)

    did something real quick for yah, although, i don't think its very good..
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
  19. "ZOALZ"

    "ZOALZ" Senior Member

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    Zuser: I like it, but i can't read it if I'm being honest, no one will recognize it if you write like that, so work on legibility! thanks all! :)
  20. Ekko

    Ekko New Member

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    Thank you!