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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Sintakz

    Sintakz Elite Member

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    It looks good but I wouldn't use anything drippy for it because of all the lines. That's just me though, you do you.
  2. lilil

    lilil New Member

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    lemme kno wat yis think of dis... ai214.photobucket.com_albums_cc140_Big_Jay298_marker_tagz.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  3. C-Lurk

    C-Lurk Senior Member

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    That's not a rule, it's a suggestion.
  4. Kool-Aid Man

    Kool-Aid Man Senior Member

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    fasho start over simple
  5. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    lose all the accents and dont use drippy markers for now. oh and u may wanna edit your face out because cops do visit this site, doubt your up enough to be wanted though.
  6. revid!

    revid! Elite Member

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  7. Asperz1

    Asperz1 Member

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    I agree wiht silentchaos14 for that Fasho tag.
    The handstyles kinda whack.. it looks like it was copied of Graffiti Fonts for computers/ Gang tags. Oh and btw if cops visit the site cant they trace the Ip?..this is pretty sketchy..

    But any crits on this?
    [Broken External Image]:
    (not the best..left my parismas at school by accident)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2007
  8. Kool-Aid Man

    Kool-Aid Man Senior Member

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  9. Asperz1

    Asperz1 Member

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    what if i put a halo/circle isntead?
  10. ELITE

    ELITE Senior Member

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    halo could work, but i think it would look better without tbh, but yea deffo no crown.

    I wud just take off the crown and keep it like that, feeling it tho.
  11. Asperz1

    Asperz1 Member

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  12. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    like yeah,, its my old tag
  13. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    new tag in my sig...
    what you guys think?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2007
  14. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    sick. too bad you copy and pasted the drips
  15. meek1

    meek1 Member

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  16. libra25

    libra25 Senior Member

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    handstyle exchange ?!?!? pm me ;O
  17. Sick!

    Sick! Senior Member

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  18. "Fasho" T|y|B

    "Fasho" T|y|B Senior Member

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    thanks for the crits yo
    fuck! cops creep on this?!

    yeah ive already started it over this time im doin it simple
    yeah that drippy marker killed all my ink in like 3 hits anyway haha

    mmmburgers i think that shit looks sick

    haha meek thats down dude. photoshop? haha
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2007
  19. Bastardo

    Bastardo Senior Member

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  20. STAR01

    STAR01 Senior Member

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    I like that Louis Baxter thingy big time, only the red doesn;t really go well with the green if ya ask me
    Faslo those drips are mad but lose all the things around the tag....

    [Broken External Image]:

    Something new i tried Tell me what you think