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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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  2. ForOhWun

    ForOhWun Senior Member

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    what whas that done with, looks photoshopped
    also maybe try making your letter more simple and not so smushed
  3. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    dont know what it is but im feelin that bottom one twist.
  4. cerex89

    cerex89 Senior Member

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    View attachment 319495
  5. ForOhWun

    ForOhWun Senior Member

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    Gettin Better Jens, How bout trying to proportionalize the letters(the same size) and changing the bottom of the S .. Heres something i tried doing in paint to help[Broken External Image]:
    The Grey is to help with the Height Proportions the rest self explanitory
  6. Dusk07

    Dusk07 Senior Member

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  7. Enormous

    Enormous Member

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    twisties, real dope, what did you do it with?
    cerex, looks alright but yuo could make the s better
    dusk, cant really see your letters
    heres one
  8. kosher

    kosher Senior Member

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    cerex i like it, nice and simple. lots of people don't appreciate how far that can go. (second pic) pleaaaase try to make it look more like your pic on your bed that one looked sooo much better
    spag the marker one is much better, much more legible and much prettier.
    main event you've got this shit on lock, very visually appealing. i'd love to see shit like that aroudn my hood.
    beyondyereyes, fix the "s" and yea make the size at least a bit more proportional (second post) just keep the otek from the first just make the t and k smaller don't change the style up especially with the o, e and k
    sez your stuff is ALWAYS amazing, i told you a long time ago to get the fuck out of the toy forum, and the statement still stands.
    twisties to start lose every single arrow. i suggest working on the bottom one, a and t look good, make the b, o and u the same size and make it all fit nice together.
    dusk i'm sorry but i don't like your letters, your style or anything you're trying to do. not trying to hate but personally i don't even know where i'd start with the advice.
    enormous i really like it the letters have mad swagger

    new style trying to keep it pretty simple, what do you think i'd love the crits good and bad p.s i already know and it is my own opinion that the star could be better and the m could be better. other than that take it away

  9. ekimboi1

    ekimboi1 Senior Member

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    fuck it i might as well post!
  10. anie 1

    anie 1 Senior Member

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    anie has a flick:)
  11. 5Funerals

    5Funerals Senior Member

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  12. Kool-Aid Man

    Kool-Aid Man Senior Member

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    rast - i like the bottom one the best, get rid of the halo on top of S and make the A straight it leans into the R at the moment and maybe shorten the width of the R...
    do that and see how it looks... just trying to help
  13. SenTheFirst

    SenTheFirst Senior Member

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    this page is suffering

    cept teze.. good stuff

  14. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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  15. Sushi! 905

    Sushi! 905 Member

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    Flash...I like it, not so much the circle at the top though.
    Sen....Pretty tight.
    Rast... Its getting there
    Annie... Keep it way more simple!
    Ekim.. I dont know much bout philly styles but looks preety sick.
  16. einsamkeit

    einsamkeit Senior Member

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  17. Sushi! 905

    Sushi! 905 Member

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    Lose the quotes and the x inside the O. Also give crits to get crits!
  18. kosher

    kosher Senior Member

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    yea i make it a habit to give crits to about everyone on the page before i post and some people seem to think they're the center of the universe and just want their shit noticed.

    bump for crits...maybe i'll get some this time
  19. einsamkeit

    einsamkeit Senior Member

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    I like the flow,

    btw, is that vancity cause i recognize the bird on the bus stop.
  20. munch1

    munch1 Member

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