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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Denz_one, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Techkanuck

    Techkanuck Senior Member

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    Tried to use the O instead of an X but it's not as nice, maybe once i get more flavor to it it'll be better with the O
  2. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    ah yea fair enough,
  3. roa

    roa Senior Member

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  4. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    rank: love your handstyles man, they smexy
  5. Rank-oner!

    Rank-oner! Senior Member

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    haha thanks man i really appreciate that
  6. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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  7. oakstr1

    oakstr1 Senior Member

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  8. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    add some more straight lines and peaks at some places
  9. Phoenix-Graff

    Phoenix-Graff Member

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    What I have so far

    Basically what Im working with so far...

    I write Nerns

    Any suggestions on what I should change, add, or try?

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  10. 7thIncision

    7thIncision Senior Member

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    youre on the right track, keep it simple until you can tweak your letters enough, spend less time working on the layering the yellow/black.

    try resizing your pics so they're bigger. its too annoying to click each pic to enlarge it. but not too big. ie: museone's bump.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008
  11. doomsday.718

    doomsday.718 Senior Member

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    rank those r illin............neone kno how to do nething with z ...............hard letter
  12. STAR01

    STAR01 Senior Member

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    RankOner is so love your tag i think its really good

    i need a lot of help on my one i guess just started with a new name YENA i guess i like the tag on the upperleft best but i don't know what N i should use there please help
    [Broken External Image]:
  13. Phoenix-Graff

    Phoenix-Graff Member

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    alright thanks man

    I'll work on it
  14. remos

    remos Senior Member

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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008
  15. Cin123

    Cin123 Senior Member

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    pgraff- post some bigger flicks so that ppl can crit u more
    and also i think u got the same problem as me, try not to make the lines jagged and work on your hand control make it not as sketch
  16. j-f

    j-f Senior Member

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    remos looks sick jus a lil sloppy
  17. EP1C

    EP1C Member

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  18. Rook.

    Rook. New Member

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  19. Cy-anide

    Cy-anide Senior Member

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  20. STAR01

    STAR01 Senior Member

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    sorry to bump but i didnt get any crits on this