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Tamiya Paint

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by xaaronx, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. xaaronx

    xaaronx Senior Member

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    found this stuff at a local hobby/art store type place. it's like 5 bucks for a 100ml can.

    anyone have any experience with this stuff? i'm going to get one next week probably and test it out.
    [Broken External Image]:

    that's it right there. they have tons of colors, too.
  2. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    looks like a waste to me. 5 bucks per can? its like 2 bucks for 1 regular sized can of like any other brand. and if you're gunna buy it for its size, just take a regular can of paint and fill it into an axe can.

    i think its a waste, dont waste your money.

    but if you're going to rack like 20 of them, then good call.
  3. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    i use it on my rc car body shells is polycarbonate paint....ive never used it on for painting anything other than car shells....and i wouldnt recommend it, its expensive and will probably do no better than a cheap can of piss you get in dollar/pound stores....
  4. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    yeah seriously no point in buying anything like this.
  5. minesweep

    minesweep Elite Member

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    how did this get approved?
    anyways just try it out and if its any good go rack some because like they said it's a waste
  6. sketch13

    sketch13 Senior Member

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    NOOOOOOO dont use that shit it sucks fucking balls...... the paint is so shit
  7. Excalibur

    Excalibur Senior Member

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    Damn...that shit must paint for you if it's 5bucks and that small...
  8. xaaronx

    xaaronx Senior Member

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    i think i might pocket one and try it out. i'll let you guys know if it's any good..
  9. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    It's model paint...Good for plastic...nothing else. It's not made to cover, nor to last outdoors. Stick to all-purpose paint.
  10. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    looks like garbage
  11. Jason Voorhies

    Jason Voorhies Senior Member

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    mini cans are never worth anything other than putting in your pocket. the color might be good but you can get a normal can of rusto for 2$ less

    feelin the nugs in your sig^
  12. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    what y would u spend 5 bucks on that little shit when u could get a regular can for like 2 or 3 dollars??? and i actually did rack a few of these but mine were mini krylon and they last like 2 thowies

    and word thats some hella nice ganja in yer sig
  13. tame345

    tame345 Senior Member

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    The caps are way to big and the colors kinda suck no i recently bought some and they were a waster of money 5 bucks a can i think
  14. pizzleaint

    pizzleaint Senior Member

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    i personally hate most shortcut cans

    there always mad pricey and on top of that they dont take other caps normally
  15. anie 1

    anie 1 Senior Member

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    i think its to expensive lik you could just jack some rusto or krylon from walamrt if you want paint plus they dont take other caps
  16. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    they dont actuali cover much as well mate....i use like near a full can on each body shell doing like 3-4 thin coats....just buy like 5 dollar cans from where ever the fuck you live....
  17. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    the paint is good 4 what its made 4. i used the stuff all the time on my gas r.c car, the paint is made so the fuel and exhaust from my car wont fuck w/it.

    ive nevver used it 4 graff... i have used Krylon short stacks b4, they work aight
  18. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    Mini-Cans are for Mini-Bombers...
  19. Wildstyle

    Wildstyle New Member

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    :lol: das true
  20. Zulu

    Zulu Member

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    I build models and I can honestly say that tamiya paint is incredible. It's built to bond to plastic so it will stick for a while, the only thing is that the cans are so expensive and small. Pocket size though, know what I mean?