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The Best Place?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snow2skate, Aug 3, 2005.

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Where do you think the best place to live in the world is?

  1. Canada

  2. Usa

  3. Mexico

  4. Asia

    0 vote(s)
  5. Europe

  6. Australia

  7. Russia

    0 vote(s)
  8. Germany

  9. Japan

  10. Other

  1. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,246
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    Bump, cause Tanner doesnt know how to use the search button <_<
  2. scOpeOne

    scOpeOne Elite Member

    • Messages: 764
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    australia is sick.. u get good bombing, good pot and some snowboarding in thredboe
  3. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,347
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    imo chilly aint gravy ever. ever ever.
  4. Cccp.aeroC

    Cccp.aeroC Senior Member

    • Messages: 133
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    i live in vancouver canada and its nice in the summer, shitty fucking rain and a little snow in the winter.. ill be living in NYC for a few months next year, love it there man, shit..

    otherwise i dont know where id live, probably either Sydney or the sunnycoast up near mooloolaba somewhere up there in austrailia.
  5. Prod1gy

    Prod1gy Member

    • Messages: 17
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    california B) perfect weather year round with beautiful women everywhere, wut up now
  6. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

    • Messages: 664
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    its kind of a hard question.

    I live in the USA but ive been to like, 13 countries. I havent been to japan, but im gonna have to say that id like to live in the netherlands. I loved the netherlands.
  7. blank_flo

    blank_flo Senior Member

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  8. ape2

    ape2 Senior Member

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  9. SE 516......

    SE 516...... Senior Member

    • Messages: 89
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    somewhere where it snows alot......... :ph34r:
  10. Linkzone1

    Linkzone1 Senior Member

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  11. clone20

    clone20 Senior Member

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  12. DUSTER

    DUSTER Senior Member

    • Messages: 75
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    Canada :ph34r: B)
  13. SiCFuC

    SiCFuC Member

    • Messages: 28
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    word.. but wut part of l.a ? the SOUTHBAY MAH NIGGETTIS
  14. Struk

    Struk Elite Member

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  15. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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  16. elcs

    elcs Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,142
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    This is definatly one of the worst threads on bs. How the fuck can you say what "place" is the "best"? What is the basis of comparison? What dictates the response? What the fuck does "best" even mean? How can a person know what place is best unless they have lived in each of the given responses for an extended period of time? How can you say Germany is better than say...Japan if youve never lived in both places or even at least visited. And "better" in what sense? Are we talking graff wise? I doubt thats what you meant. Or as in heath care, housing, schools, jobs, government , freedom, poverty, war...there are way to many variables to answer this question. I dont even know what the question is asking. what the fuck...
  17. SiCFuC

    SiCFuC Member

    • Messages: 28
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    ive lived in many different places on both the east and west sides of the country. and i believe my spot is tha shitt and i kno there is no place like it. thats what the fuck.
  18. Color

    Color Member

    • Messages: 41
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    i picked other.............WHERES SCOTLAND! lol you cant put europe and not britain....fair play its in the same contenant but still completely differant there over 10 countrys in it you can just class it as one i mean rele
  19. AbEc187

    AbEc187 Senior Member

    • Messages: 78
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    fuck the government but still NY mo la revolution!!!!
  20. Mekr4

    Mekr4 Elite Member

    • Messages: 526
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    i fucking hate the us with a passion.

    i havent been there, but i think japan is realllly cool. i would love to live there, or at least visit.
    been to a lot of different places in mexico, its the shit. really, i love mexico.
    canadas dope too, been to vancouver bc.
    will be visiting australia in a year or so, cant wait.
    and i hear south america is THAAA SHIIIIIT i really wanna go there.

    so basically its a toss up between all those places, i would have to visit them all to pick my favorite.