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The BMX Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by have_fun, May 23, 2009.

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  1. have_fun

    have_fun New Member

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    i have been riding for about 3 years just looking for fellow riders
    how long have you been riding?
    whats your most recent trick?
    anything about biking :D
  2. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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  3. mtown

    mtown Banned

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    ^give me an L give me an O give me another L
    1 2 3 lol
  4. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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    I ride. latest trick is probably a 180. ive always biked and fucked around but never really "rode" like hitting jumps and shit. but ive been riding for a month now.
  5. Messer

    Messer Elite Member

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    i can x-up thats it :/

    i have a mongoose mischeif but i broke the crank and i haven't gotten around to getting it repaired yut :/
  6. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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  7. Graff J up

    Graff J up Senior Member

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    i got a crappy ass mongoose im gonna upgrade but i can do a manual :p and bunny hop
  8. friedchicken

    friedchicken Senior Member

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  9. f4keon3

    f4keon3 Guest

    I have ridden a DK(8pack) for about 4 years now. Before that I had 2 MONGOOSE bmx's(Solution & Sniper).
    I ride miles every day downtown to stay in shape.
    I only ride street. I am not into dirt jumping.
    Biking is a huge part of my life.
  10. ReKoNe~!

    ReKoNe~! Banned

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    i had a fit team for a couple years but i mashed it last summer, i plan on buying new bike this summer
  11. Messer

    Messer Elite Member

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    it was either that or a diamond back :/
  12. vaginajuice

    vaginajuice Senior Member

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    i havent been riding for that long, i suck, my latest trick is just a 900
  13. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    aw, just a 900? wow you do suck.
  14. dior

    dior Senior Member

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    mountain bikes are better fo sho
  15. lilbmxking

    lilbmxking Senior Member

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    ive been riding since 8th grade and im a softmore now
    a mirraco black pearl 3 wanting to get a fit aitken or hawk sometime soon
    i have a recent video comin out this late summer
    and the latest trick ive learned but not landed is a 360 no hander,
    but i can land a no hander to turn down
    anyone on the levi's team is my favorite rider
  16. realtalk

    realtalk Senior Member

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    used to ride alot...havnt done it for about 5-6 years now but i still have my haro shredder
  17. Darkeist

    Darkeist Elite Member

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    I just started riding. I can bunny hop pretty high, thats about it. I have a fitbike trl1, is that an alright bike?
  18. lilbmxking

    lilbmxking Senior Member

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    yea dude fit trl1 is pretty sweet
    i want it
  19. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    I had more balls when I was younger then I do now.
    But then again I only ride for kicks not so much skate or anything but yea I can't really do much apart from ya basic x-up, bunnyhop and so forth lol.
  20. steaksauce

    steaksauce Senior Member

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    its better than fixed gears but gayer than a car