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The Dumpster Diving Thread!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by sk8er6, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    Dumpster diving for graffiti:
    as writen by sk8er6 & smooth nuts (formerly GHOST 2-5-2)

    You don’t like the idea of stealing, you’re a tree hugger, or just bored as hell, dumpster diving is always an option for getting supplies. Here are a few basic rules of thumb.

    Wear some clothes that you don’t give a fuck about. Nothing too out there, maybe an old shirt and some beat up shoes.

    Make sure you have an idea of what people throw out in wherever you’re jumping into. For example, if jumping somewhere behind a school, prepare for food, paper, bottles, etc.

    Latex gloves are a must.

    If you see or feel a bag that’s full of paper towels, do not open it! Most likely they came from the restrooms.

    Don’t use any foreign objects (crates, boxes, stools, etc) to hop into a dumpster. If you couldn’t get it on your own, how are you supposed to get out?

    Usually, I pick through half of the promising bags from the outside, and then get the other half from the inside.

    If you see shredded bags in the dumpster before you got there, chances are someone beat you to it. So don’t expect much.

    For major stores the best time to go is at the end of the month thats when they get new shit in so they throw out the old.

    Know when they pick up garbage in the area.

    Don’t go while people are working.

    Where to get your shit at:

    Art schools, or behind an art department at a campus. I’ve heard of people getting legit supplies (half tube of oil paints, bucket paint, spray adhesive, etc.)

    Personally, the art department where I go is a little too close to the cafeteria. But I have managed to get a good bit of bucket paint.

    Did you get chased by a cop and lost your mop? Need a new mop? You can get one with a screw top. No need to shop, just get up and drop into a dumpster behind a bingo hall. Yup, quite a few bingo dabbers/markers in the dumpsters behind bingo halls. Get at ‘em. Watch out for drinks and nachos!

    Elementary schools. Now, I know the sketchiness of this, and I will admit, I have never been inside one. Whenever I pass a particular one, there is always glue sticks, glue pens, glue bottles, acetate, crayons, and dry erase markers next to the dumpster. Why, I’m not exactly sure, but they’re there.

    Behind specialty paint stores.

    Where to get shit to sell:

    Blockbuster throws out dvds(they also throw out mags but you cant really sell those) at the end of the month in yellow envelopes,you will have to go through every one to find good dvds. Some say transfer and dystory on the front go throught it any ways some time worker get lazy and throw them out with out running it through the machine that fucks it up.

    I have always been able to find cell phones race cars dvds blank cds in radio shack dumpsters (pretty much any thing in the store).

    Dollar store always throw out small radios tapes fire works boom boxxes(again pretty much any thing in the store.

    Rite aid throws out cartons of cigs and most pawn shops buy them so go for it.

    Hardware stores always throw out saws drills bult cutter and shit like that.

    You can get small ladders at Sherman Williams. They also throw out "toner", paint pigment,really good for your mop mixes or roller pieces.
    Some discussions, brought to you by 12ozprophet.

    smooth nuts and sk8er6. 2007.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2007
  2. buffadds

    buffadds Member

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    Sick, that's being resourceful AND economic! Not to mention, ECO-friendly.
    one companies trash is another mans gold mine. One time I found a working but beat up old bike in a dumpster, fixed it up n still ride it today. theres no shame in realizing people throw out some pretty usable stuff.
    Anyone else got some good finds to share?
  3. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    yo ive been trying to dumpster dive anndd it was a failure i went on the back of a hardware store and it was locked , and all the shit that was inside was like broken glass and shit like that.
  4. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    What a fucking joke. Garbage pickers are fucking ghey.
  5. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    I tried to dumpster dive too, and I got nothin ! My local staples was just full of random paperwork ,etc. My walmart was locked up and we have no art store really.... This sucks and now I have to go back to buying shit :(
  6. RaZoR123

    RaZoR123 Senior Member

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    Pretty should mention, at the end of every single day after close, Dunkin Donuts throws away all their muffins, donuts, etc. in one huge bag....:D
  7. bOxcaR

    bOxcaR Senior Member

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    you guys.............sound like hobos
    but i dunno
  8. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    says the man named 'boxcar'. lol :)
  9. RaZoR123

    RaZoR123 Senior Member

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    If we were hobos.....explain the computers and internet access haha...

  10. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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  12. *VOLT*

    *VOLT* Senior Member

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    lol dumpster divins' the shit
  13. RaZoR123

    RaZoR123 Senior Member

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    It is....:D
  14. bOxcaR

    bOxcaR Senior Member

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    hey its just a name i randomly came up with
    and i said "but i dunno" cuz i never tried it
    cause their isnt shit here
    so i guess keep roxing on with dumpster diving
  15. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    that first link is a dead one
  16. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    theres this encolsed little space where theres dumpsters near me
    but theres also a decomposed animal in it..
  17. smooth_nuts

    smooth_nuts Elite Member

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    glad to seee this got aproved i went diving today i got 2 cans of kils white primer 9 bingo dabbers and 1 kiwi shoe polish mop it was a slow day
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2007
  18. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    feel free to add your own techniques, advice, spots, etc.
  19. tuckfoys

    tuckfoys Senior Member

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    foo i opened this dumpster behind a rite aid to hit up a tall spot and there was 2 guess purses inside. i cudda slanged dem shits to some women
  20. killtheugly

    killtheugly Senior Member

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    since im not a fucking scrub ill just either steal it or buy it if i feel its worth the money. fuck diving in a dumpster and catching some mystery rash.