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The First Time...

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by FRZ, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. dreaken1993

    dreaken1993 Senior Member

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    first time- about 2 weeks after i got into graff, and started practicing, tryna do shit like trane off getting up-actually how i got into graff, so i thought i was good enough to paint, so i bought a black dollar can, told my gma i was going for a walk, and took my lil bro-11, with me, walked to this overpass, did a "truth" tag ona dumpster, got him to do a lies one lol, then i dida a wack ass straight letter like 2 feet long and wide, then my lil bro told me to look, and i seen flashing lights so me and him dipped back home

    now hes into graff too
  2. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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    thier was a tag on this door. and when i looked at it some kid had crossed it out with a blue washable crayola marker and wrote in plain regualr letters "boomer". It made me laugh because i knew the kid didnt even write and that he didnt give shit cus he was just fuckin around to get the guy mad. Some thing that made me chuckle inside.
  3. crossfire101

    crossfire101 Member

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    I was on this roof top and I done this big metal door at the top of it and then this woman opened the window and noticed me and told me to come here and I just ran off
  4. cdef641

    cdef641 Banned

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  5. Keso

    Keso Senior Member

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    I used to write Ghost and Spit. I had this one shitty piece that had like Over 9000 arrows coming of like each letter. Thought I was the shit. Toy
  6. Elno

    Elno Senior Member

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    Me and couple of the guys from school thought it would be sick doing this wall, we all planned to go out at 2.30ish. We got out of his car which was parked down the street. It was cold night we all had black pants and hoodies on. Masks and gloves ready and we walked over to the wall, got out the cans and i started doing the outline. Was going smooth, my mates started to fill behind me and then we heard all this yelling and shit. Heaps of swearing and we turned around. Around 10 guys were walking straight for us. We grabbed our cans and started to leg it. They chased us down the street to the car, we all jumped in and took off. Probs the scarest thing thats happened to me. This was only our 2nd throw up.
  7. Warvane

    Warvane Member

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    Where you be at? Alaska? Fuck that man
  8. BosaNova

    BosaNova New Member

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    The first time i tried to do a throw up, it was a rainy day and i was doin it under this bridge on a path, figured no one would be walking through cause it was raining. well, i get the "BOS" done and this dog sprints into the bridge and i about shit myself. I got so scared that i rushed the "ANOVA" and it ended up tapering to where the A was about half the size of the B. I was pissed. It was honestly the worst throw up i've ever done.
  9. Riot-One

    Riot-One New Member

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    Me and a few buddies were doing an alley wall with our shitty paint cans, no clue on caps or anything, not even filled, just outlines and shit.
    An old man came out from his backyard (He actually lives like 3 houses away from my friend, but didn't see us well).
    Man:"What do you kids think you're doing!?"
    My Buddy: "We're painting purty pictures!"
    Best thing was we just had to run down the alley, turn at a house with an open backyard, cut through, and go through my buddy's front door. A total of about 30 seconds flat. We then played Mortal Kombat and sketched toy shit)
  10. gunone

    gunone Member

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    First time i went out was when i was 15
    i was drawing alot of graff but i wanted to spray.
    So i dips out my house at like 3 nda morning.
    I was all wrong drippy and ugly but i was happy.
    Den some punks ass gang bangers beat my head against the wall im the paint.
    I went home bloody as fuck. But i joined this sick ass crew and we got dem *****s
    Raw.... No homo.
    Now the crew aint nuthn since the leader died but im still holden it down FTL!!!!!
  11. B E A R

    B E A R Member

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    me and my mate went on a rekky for good places, and there's this one bridge where literally everyone in my small town grafffs. so my mates like 'nobody comes here itll be fine', because apparently he spent the previous weekend there for about an hour practising. I do one shit throwie he does one shit tag, then these two old women with dogs walk towards us. we stupidly walk toward them thinking they wont realise we were doing anything, even though he had his krink k66 in his hand and i had a shopping bag full of spraypaints, lmao
    we walked past them and as they went under the bridge they shouted 'you little buggers'
    being a toy, i turned around and was like 'what'
    dont think she expected me to answer because she started hesitating for a few moments then said 'you know what i mean' then walked off

    We hid next to a house for like 10 minutes lol shitting it that they'd ring the cops or something
  12. syne7

    syne7 Senior Member

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    The first thing I ever painted on a wall was my penguin throw. It was 3 in the morning and I was high walking down the street enjoying the nice weather and minding my own buisiness when I noticed this southside tag with TROUBLE about 5 feet beside it in the same blue paint. Know I knew who he was and this was the neighborhood I grew up in so I grab the can off my belt and do a penguin over the 's13' not actually going over it though. I had never even scetched it and made sure that the s13 was on the arm the penguin. Did my toy little tag right next to it and the next day he was pissed. He tryed to find out who 'SUNE' was, because my y didn't even look right, but I had just started so no one really knew who I was. A week later he got jumped by some real southsiders for being the fake little toy he is. Since then, I made the penguin my character.
  13. LIZARD

    LIZARD Senior Member

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    my first time i went to the local plaza in the middle of the afternoon which had a paint store in it and i had to give the guy a bullshit reason i needed paint cuz sometimes they wouldnt sell cans to you cuz of how bad the graff was getting in my city. i told him i needed to paint my bike and i ended up buyin wicked expensive paint just to keep the story realistic. i bought the paint and went straight out back of the same plaza and did my first piece
  14. Myth603

    Myth603 Member

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    First time i ever sprayed anything i stole some spray paint from my basement that my dad has had down there for 10 years and i walked to a local concrete factory. this place is MINT. i started at their junkyard which had about 25 of those big cement truck roller things and over the past few months i have covered every single blank space in that entire place. there are also about 8 trailers (like tractor-trailer big ones) that are down there that haven't been touched. im saving those for when i get a little bit better but right now im not going to go anywhere else besides there because its perfect to practice. and as long as i go on weekends then there is nobody there. i already made that mistake.

    3rd time i ever touched spray paint i was out there just writing stupid shit and some guy goes out there in a pickup truck. i heard him coming down the dirt road that leads out there so i threw my paint in the woods and went up to talk to him. i told him i was out there because i just needed time to myself and i wanted to get away from people. he just looked at me weird and told me not to break anything.
  15. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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    i used to write shit on peoples pieces like 'u suck' and 'toy', that was before i even had a tag. so no one knew it was me and i got away with it every time.

    i think the first time i attempted a piece i was 15 and still in school, went racking paint with a friend and his brother. stole about 15 cans all up and went to this secret place where lots of people paint. u have to crawl through a tunnel to get in there, its underground.
  16. wsbkrew

    wsbkrew Banned

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    well i was like 11 and i use to go to this park in rydalmere there was a legal wall there that allways had crazy shit on it and 1 day i found some cans that had paint in it so i starting fuckin up some wall with all kinds of shit. funny thing is them tags stayed there for ages but ended up getting buffed)= and the legal wall has recently been removed)=
  17. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    so i went to my boys house then this girl was over so i sweet talked her a bit then got her in the room and fucked her with a plastic bag since the condom broke. the bag broke too but she didnt get pregnant. dodged a bullet!
  18. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    funny first time sex story leaks, makes me think this thread could be about mroe than just first time getting up. first time was when me and some chick that was 2 years older then me got a bit boozed then i banged her in a closet cos there was people around without a condom but no prego so i dodged a bullet too
  19. ~QWERTY~

    ~QWERTY~ New Member

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    I must have been about six or seven years old and I had just recently been introduced to graffiti by some friend of an older neighbor.
    So I found a black spray can in my garage and asked my dad if I could go spraypaint something.
    He obviously wasn't paying attention and just told me to go ahead.
    So I go outside to our mailbox (was one of those ones that had like 50 slots that all of the street used) and just started spraying some old ass tag "OlIvE" all over the back of it. Several people walked by and stared. I think they were more puzzled by a 6 year old shittily tagging a mailbox than anything else.
  20. Sbal

    Sbal Elite Member

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    Thought of the dopest name ever, inSANE, perfectly describing a suburban white kid such as myself, I would bring sharpies to school and write on the side of my desk in fourth period. SOOO fucking stupid, but it was 7th grade