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The First Time...

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by FRZ, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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    You would write Insane.

  2. Montoya

    Montoya Member

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    Going out for my first time tonight. I'm really nervous about it.
  3. Moon

    Moon Senior Member

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    The first time I did anything along the lines of street art, I put up a stencil I had made in a shitty bathroom. It's pretty hard to fuck up a stencil, and it turned out pretty good, except for the fact that I held the can right next to the wall and it was dripping way to much.

    The first time I actually wrote, it was about 2 weeks after my stencil, and it was with a can of gold stuff. I wrote generic bubble letters, because that's all I could do, and it was behind a Safeway. It was really visible and I had to hide behind a dumpster every 30 seconds. And it was terrible. I was so ashamed by how bad it was, I hoped it would jut get covered, but they didn't do anything for a week, so I actually called the store to tell them to buff it.

    I sucked so bad :|
  4. Moon

    Moon Senior Member

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    Take pics!
  5. Montoya

    Montoya Member

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    I'm glad I didn't. The tags I did were just horrible and embarrassing.
  6. 2FNK?

    2FNK? Senior Member

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    You'll get better. Just work on paper more. You don't have to stop tagging NECESSARILY, but I would definitely get something your proud of putting up first, so you don't get dissed by people who like graffiti and hate it both.
  7. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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    so you were a hypocrite. and got away with it.
  8. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    In the first month I got up was in Hungary,Europe,I stood next to a box on a main street for two and half hours scared to do my wack ass tag...I finally did it and got in trouble for coming home so late. This was in the summer of 2007, after elementary school graduation.
  9. Task977

    Task977 Senior Member

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    My first time I went writing i went insane on a mailbox down the road from my house, forgetting that my mom knew what my tag was.. Lets just say as soon as she saw me she had a grillo pad (spelling?) and a bucket of water and a pissed look on her face. I changed my name and now keep all my blackbook work completely secret. I still show her sketches of my old name so she thinks i still use it.
  10. extinct

    extinct Senior Member

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    my first time trying to make a streak (today) from the markers thread failed horrifically and i think im gunna be sick for a while for getting a whif of those fucking fumes
  11. Task977

    Task977 Senior Member

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    extinct you might wanna get checked at the hospital..
  12. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    my first time climbing on top of a phone both to put a sticker up as high as possibly i can.
    i got honked at by 4 people and then forgot that the sticker was in my back pocket.
    was looking for it for like 30 seconds in my backpack until i realized it was in my back pocket.

    a tip for the first time street spot painters:
    duck/hide when ever u see headlights, you never know if its a cop coming down the street
  13. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    i was eleven, bought a can of paint from a boot sale and wrote my christian name in bubble letters under a bridge near my house you can guess it sucked....but all my elevn year old friends thought it was the shiznittttt :p nlol
  14. Anon937

    Anon937 Senior Member

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    I wrote nerd, I rocked the tag. Then I peiced Zorak, when I say peiced, I mean Straight letters with clouds and stupid shit behind it. Thought it was great, then a local gang coined there new member Zorak and took credit for it. Fucking A'.
  15. ReSeM

    ReSeM Senior Member

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    first time i went painting i was in this abandoned neighborhood that soldiers use for urban combat training that all the kids call Iraq. Anyways, i work on can control with a few of my friends that don't write. So i thought the spot was pretty big and chill and hid my cans in a cabinet. I go back maybe 2 days later and the cans aren't there. I spent a week walking around school pissed as hell looking for who could have taken them. Turns out i checked the wrong apartment that i put the cans in.
  16. Delyte

    Delyte Member

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    1st time i was writing i wrote "fusion" under this bridge in the middle of the day. As i was walking away this old dude yells out "WHY DONT YOU PAINT YOUR OWN WALLS" so i just run in to the forest and dip.haha
  17. Get Rekt!

    Get Rekt! Senior Member

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    my first time painting was in 7th grade. a couple kids that lived went down into the woods near my house and went into this tiny bridge under some train tracks that was maybe 10ft acoss and 10ft high. i wrote my name on the wall and thought i was the shit. i remember my buddy saying "youre not supposed to be able to read graffiti." i think its still there because nobody ever goes there. i tried going back there earlier last year just to check out the spot and i jumped across a stream and landed shin deep in mud and lost my shoe, had to walk home in the snow with one shoe on.
  18. Toxia

    Toxia Member

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    First time I wrote was Artic, me and a friend were in downtown and we came up under a bridge with just this big empty wall that was freshly buffed. It would have been beautiful now since that was my first time doing it and it was just horrible now that i think about it lol, oh well we all start somewhere.
  19. THINK5

    THINK5 New Member

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    my first time was pretty funny. So I was with my buddy Pato. It was like 4:00 a.m and we was taggin these portables at sum elementary school (surrounded by houses). Anyways i was throwing my tag up in this sorta alleyway created by the two portables that were side by side. And as i was finishing outlonin it I see sum motion light go off on one of the houses behind the portable. So I finish up and Pato comes up tellin me that theres sumone walkin towards the school. So we ran through the shadows towards a pipe on the side of the school and climbed up to the top of the school. THen we hear someone in the parking lot soo we went to check it out and there was sum chick talkin to a pig! we ran back to the pipe and climbed down and ran through this construction site. once we got back out onto the street we just went to Pato's and chilled till the mornin. What a night:D
  20. weedeater

    weedeater Senior Member

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    not a good sign if you are bringing the heat your first time out