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The First Time...

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by FRZ, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Highalchemist

    Highalchemist Member

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    First time I really went out and wrote anything I tagged up a building and I went to check it during the day and instead of buffing it out my tag was cut out of a door with a saw. probably cops taking it in to study my style. I had no style back then. It said something along the lines of fuck the police lol.
  2. irok.

    irok. New Member

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    first time nothing special happened but this graffiti is horrible
  3. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    First time was at the park, with a white rusto. Didn't really know how to use it but got the hang of it NOW
  4. subbo

    subbo Member

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    I used to fuck around a while ago with stencils and whatnot, but anyway for the first one I made this character in a pinstriped suit.. he was pretty cool looking, and I put him on the side of a beverage mart near where I lived. It was gone a day or two after, unfortunately.. I talked to the people working there, just casually being like "oh what happened to the dude on the building?" they were like "holy shit was that you?!" so I'm like "no way, I just saw it"
    Apparently it looked exactly like the owner, and the guy thought it was some huge insult and he was pissed!
  5. 2DIE

    2DIE New Member

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    About 20 years ago before I knew any better I would tag my real name all over town, I have a unique name that no one else has and I was already well known by the local police.

    I got busted due to a snitch and even though I denied it they knew it was me and charged me with multiple charges that a solicitor told me to plea guilty to as I would get lighter charges.

    The outcome was community service, the first day at a primary school the groundsman that was in charge of telling me what to do asked my name and I told him. You could tell he was pissed and then he walked me around the school pointing up on top of the roof where there was a big tag of my name and told me to clean it, he only gave me detergent and water and I couldn't remove it.
  6. Mildstyles

    Mildstyles Elite Member

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  7. jak24

    jak24 Senior Member

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    First time I was about 10yrs old, on a MCDONALDS slide.. I wrote B2K (Born 2 Kill, me and my buddys "GANG") with a marker i stole from Burger King... Damn was I hard.
  8. TheMastermind

    TheMastermind Member

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    I used to write anarchy signs everywhere back in middle school. LOL
  9. Miew

    Miew Member

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    My first time i knew i sucked at letters, even after practicing. So instead i drew a mural woman face. well in the end im glad i did didnt ruin the scenery on the wall. im more of a shader anyway.
  10. PUTS

    PUTS Elite Member

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    One time a few years ago I wrote one little tiny tag on this electrical box and all it said was CR. Thats probably one of the only tags that I did in my life so far.
  11. AlinkinaMila

    AlinkinaMila New Member

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    The First Time

    This trek through time has been fun. After the next Nitro, I get my first glimpse at a WCW pay-per-view with Starrcade 95.


  12. buge

    buge New Member

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    my first time was when i racked this shoe polish cause i saw this video of some guy using shoe polish mop on a train. anyway i went down to the park 2:00 in the afternoon in full balaclava and all black shoes and shit and had the show polish in my pocket and went up to this wooden fence facing the park and started doing my "handstyle" of some realy toy word that i cant remember and the "mop" runs out about halfway through. i think to myself what the hell and try it somewhere else where nothing comes out. on one of theese atemps a guy riding a bike through the park rode past and i jumped into the some bushes near it like i was james bond or something and my heart race went crazy and the dude riding the bike just rode past. anyway i went home wondering why the tags didnt come out. it turns out i was using plain shoe polish on a wall and didnt have any ink in the "mop' or anything like that lol

    SIGMA SNIPER 5 New Member

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    If you guys think you where horrible

    This was my first "tag" thats what i called it its
    Its more toy than toy story i know

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  14. Kryo

    Kryo Member

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    Sort of a first time story.
    Sort of long.

    I brought out one of the younger members of my crew last night, to paint on this "free"(not legal but no one gives a fuck so long as you're not caught by 5-O... A relic of hurricane Katrina) wall, and I've been training them to be disciplined and how to have each others' backs and whatnot, so as a bit of a back story, I'll tell you that we went out with a bucket of this Valspar latex pink panther shit, and painted the entire wall a few weeks back, covering all the toys and practice throws. We used regular paint brushes. No rolls, no spray. The hard way. Took us a few hours, though 3 trips, 4 coats.

    Anyway, last night, I take the one of the youngest there for a one on one because he's hard headed and I figure I could show him some nice techs. We get back to our wall, and some asshole has painted, in just outline, white, MLK, with a heart above the L's leg, then a smaller, fuck trump, in black, looked like standard Walmart paint/cap.

    We decide to cover the fuck trump with my Belton Candy pink, because we're not about all that shit on walls, (but fuck trump) and to leave MLK but not worry about avoiding it with the tags(simply because it's probably a tribute due to Martin Luther Kings holiday)

    He's playing lookout and gopher (cap attacher, can fetcher, percolator, etc) as I'm throwing our crew piece, and I'm asking his opinions, showing him key movements and things, explaining caps, etc. We start throwing tags when it's done, and decide to dip.

    This is where my story gets fucked. We bag the cans, bandanas, caps, gloves, check the ground, hop on bikes, and head for the highway. We see cars, cool, then hear someone rapping loud as fuck, whatever. I peep the dude, notice he's walking our way, fuck it. Then past him, a couple walking a pit puppy. Nice. Too late to wait now. I then realize I'm about to hit the curb, kick my foot out, push off it, miss the pedal with my foot, catch the ground, straight leg my knee into the pedal, boom! I'm hurt but in full motion, passing these people. They're all staring, but I'm headed home. My boy is behind me, trying to beat a car across, he makes it. I realize my leg is cold as fuck. Also sticking to my pants. I stop, take up my pant leg, and see it:

    This huge, blackish-red gash in my knee, and blood everywhere. I say fuck it, look up, see Sink's face in terror, and decide to wave him on and book it home. Here I lay, 12wish hours later, and I know for sure I need stitches. But, I've got self adhesive gauze wraps, cotton, medi-tape, and a bunch of other first aid shit thanks to a (given up) dream of tattooing.

    Funny? Now, fuck yeah, at several points, to me, anyway. I hope everyone has eventful shit like this without police involvement, now and then.
  15. Kryo

    Kryo Member

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    I've seen worse from more experienced writers. It's bad, but not terrible.
  16. Foxito

    Foxito New Member

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    First time I tagged was on valentines day. It was pouring that day so I was kinda iffy about it, I went anyways.For the romance. So I tagged a dumpster first behind a bar it comes out terrible... That whole week I had been planning to get a spot on the side of a bridge so I start heading there. I see all the other bombers names on the street lights while im walking and see a spotless one. I couldnt help myself. So I pull out my can from my backpack, look around, and then I see this homeless guy on a staircase of a catholic school keeping out of the rain. So I freaked out, put my can back in my backpack and start walking back up. And then I hear him go "Do It! Do it!" .I pussied out. Never again though, ill keep that guys words close to me :')
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