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The Herbal Remedy Thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Car2nist, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    opinions are like assholes, everybody has one
  2. drunkenshits_one

    drunkenshits_one Senior Member

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    mad gay? hippity hop fresh boy, what's wrong with weed, cuz? word.

    jesus christ i hate straight edge kids. i mean i don't care if you don't do drugs, just don't wet your panties if others do

    you can happily kiss my unwiped ass
  3. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    go hxc and sxe kids


    get over yourselves. i have every goddamn right in the world to do any goddamn drug

    my body

    your a fag

    get it "straight"
  4. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    get off your fucking soapbox, kid. it's straight if you're gonna be edge (seewhatididthere?), but don't preach to people. you're gonna get your ass kicked. you're entitled to your opinion as long as you don't push it on us, and we won't push our's on you.

    i have plenty of friends who are edge, and none of them can stand it when other edgers push their beliefs on other people. you're as bad as a christian fucking televangelist.

    get out of here with your bullshit, or we'll get you banned for being a bitch.

    XEDGEX Senior Member

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    hahah i love the way kids bag on egde kids.
    drunk did I offend you because I smiply stated my opinion?
    Im not trying to hurt your feeling because you smoke weed.
    hahah you guys are a bunch of crybaby bitches!
    you too montanta idgaf if you snort coke off your moms asshole.
    Im just saying fuck that shit do something productive.
    then, everyone gets all mad.

    XEDGEX Senior Member

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    mast, hahaha wtf?
    christstian lol you think im some kind of harcdore christian fundamentalist because im edge?
    just to let you know I dont even believe in religion.
    did i push my beliefs on anyone?
    I think not.
    Im just saying.
    look at the facts
    stay up.
  7. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    can you comprehend a simple sentence? i said you're being as bad as a televangelist because you're preaching your shit to the deaf. and YES, you totally pushed your beliefs on all of us. you chose to come into this thread and share your unneeded biased opinion with all of us and then told us that it's dumb to argue with you. why? because you think you're right?

    i'm glad you're proud of being edge. but you're also a dumbass. we're not bagging on you cause you're edge. i told you, i'm friends with a ton of edge kids. i go to shows all the fucking time, and half the bands i listen to are edge. we're bagging on you cause you're just another douche who thinks he's right.

    who says drugs can't be productive? have you ever sold any kind of drug? no, you haven't. so you wouldn't know the joy in turning a nickel into a dollar. people have gotten filthy rich from selling drugs.

    they're not facts. they're some clean-ass suburban teen's opinions on an internet forum. opinions that would turn half the world against you. that's the farthest from fact, kid.
  8. Jase

    Jase Senior Member

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    You said you didn't push your beliefs on us, but you choose to walk into a thread full of pro weed people and say "
    weed and other substances are mad gay.
    if you'd like to agrue with me just slap the shit out of yourself."

    how about walking into a muslim temple and going fuck mohammand?

    Of cause the reaction is going to be negitive, you fuckwit.

    Go jump
  9. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    that edge kid soo wears girl pants.
  10. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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    or camo shorts
  11. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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  12. BLTZ

    BLTZ Senior Member

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    time for you to do your homework Ill show you a few ways drugs are productive.

    Cocain- in columbia and other countries were coca grows naturally the natives often chew on coca leaves to give them the added energy to complete there backbreaking labor. Its a fact that the columbian workforce would not be as productive if it were not for the added energy given by the coca leaves

    LSD-when it was legal back in the 60's and befor it was the MOST productive psyco-thereputic drug used, often helping the depressed and many other learn and slove there problems within the first few sessions of therapy, now days psycologists often require years with patients to accomplish the same thing LSD would accomplish with in a week.

    Ibogain-Proven o be the only quick cure of Opiat addiction, after one session using Ibogain nearly 100% of opiot(including heroin) addicts loose there cravings and withdraw even when going cold turkey

    MDMA-Proven as the best marrage counseling drug ever, married couples will often realise and fix there problems within one use of MDMA

    Need I mention any more, cus I have plenty.

    there is no problem with being straight edge, but you sir are an idiot, you believe since you do it everyone should and thats not how things are, honestly if you came up to me in real life bothering me about why I need to quit doing any drugs, Id laugh at you, if you persisted, Id knock you the fuck out like Debo. Your as bad as those damn mormons and ijahova witnesses.

    Plus you came into a Drug thread just to say drugs are stupid, that sounds to me like you were looking for trouble.
  13. Jase

    Jase Senior Member

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    Check out his posts he has sent. Such a fucken toy aswell.

    He actually writes, "XEDGEX" what a douche bag
  14. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    dear edge, your just as bad as those duckign drugies you hate if not worse i hate fuckign fuck ass faggot edge kids, i have no problem with people wanting to live a clean life but DONT PREACH your views, your just as bad as gay basher, religious psychos/fanatics, protester, peta and everyone else who things there voice is goign to change anything or thinkgs there voice matters... if you dont like drugs so what, no one cares no one wants to hear your opinion about it specially in a thread about drugs....

    right now im shooting heroin and cocaine and smokign a joint, do you hear me preaching telling everyone to do the things that im doing? no you dont
    do you see me trying to get you to do drugs? no
    am i physically hurting anyone besides myself? no
    so whats the big fuckin problem?

    shut your fucking mouth you hate edge faggot, i fuck heads like u up all the time... your the bitch... and im going to fuck you
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2008
  15. BLTZ

    BLTZ Senior Member

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    spoken like a true prophet
  16. darkstar

    darkstar Senior Member

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    some one should make a straight edge thread haha
  17. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    i smoked up my stash this morning :( had to smuggle it in my ass for 11 ours :(:(:(
  18. greyshok.45

    greyshok.45 Senior Member

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    im gonna do it!

    guess who makes the thread famous? xedgex!:D

    besides.. what is a straight edge kid doin on a site thats devoted to illegal things?
  19. Tokenkaligreens

    Tokenkaligreens Elite Member

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  20. XEDGEX

    XEDGEX Senior Member

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    hahahah i felt like pissing everine in this forum off.
    and it looks like i have done my job.
    and for the record most of my friends smoke weed.
    haha im not even hate edge thats fuckin ignorant and stupid.
    and gesus if you really think you can bash my head
    come to long beach and we can settle this at my dojo.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2008