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The Herbal Remedy Thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Car2nist, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. darkstar

    darkstar Senior Member

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    Started four twenty with some gravs around 12:45 good bye white widow
  2. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    6 am, been at work all night, and I've already smoked three times.
    It's going to be a good day.
    Merry Chron-hits everyone!
  3. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    ah yeah dope. I be gettin blunted right now.
  4. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    Holy fuck soap..
    mad herb
  5. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    how much did the roor cost?
  6. haze4life

    haze4life Senior Member

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    Man, bunned 4 times already today and im packing a bowl right now. Days like these make me appreciate being graduated and unimployed.
    Those are some beuties soap, how many lights you got going there?
  7. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

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    happy 420 to everyone else on the same time zone.


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    its 11:53 and im 2 blunts down and on the third bong pack hmm what a wonderful day :cool:
  9. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    So I had no real intention on smoking today. Then a friend called me and said he's coming up and he wants to smoke me up for free. Apparently his uncle just got back from Amsterdam and gave him some green and he wants to smoke all of us up. It is an offer I can not refuse.
  10. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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  11. SALVO

    SALVO Elite Member

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  12. El Chupacabre

    El Chupacabre Senior Member

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    Been smoking L's of jedi and northern lights all day. Gonna get a 8th of some sativa shit at work. Horrible cell pics, sry.

    I also used my bright pink lighter as a light-saber. Sound effects and everything. Shit was so cash.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  13. Armored Bulletz

    Armored Bulletz Senior Member

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    happy 420 everybody keep toking
  14. seywhat

    seywhat Elite Member

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    Happy 4-20 to all!
  15. crailtap

    crailtap Senior Member

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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  16. mefe

    mefe Senior Member

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    Happy 420 everyone!!!... great day.. 7 bowl wake n bake :p
  17. irockyourass

    irockyourass Senior Member

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    happy 420 to all. been blazed out of my mind all day off that oil, twas amazing. first time trying to make it didnt turn out so bad. def wanna try butane next, it just looks so much nicer than the qwiso hash, i've heard it tastes a lot better and is better quality too. definitely was a fan of the skillet vape, glad i invested in it, definitely worth it. shit was only like 90 bucks. and making the hash was so easy. did two washes with the aclohol and had a fan blowing on the pan the whole time the alcohol was evaporating and it was done in like 5 hours, good shit. anyways... time for bed, took off work yesterday and today to prepare for and celebrate the holiday and unfortunately its time to go back to the real world tomorrow. happy holidazeeee
  18. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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  19. El-Gnar

    El-Gnar Member

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    Ok so I literally just sat here for like 10 minutes trying to remember what i was going to say...

    Good times..
  20. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    i picked up an ounce of shrooms tonight

    it was a very good 420... :)