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The Herbal Remedy Thread!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Car2nist, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. pukeface

    pukeface Member

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    ahhhh first time getting high was glorious... couldnt stop laughin, i told my boy to call the ambulance
  2. cess!

    cess! Elite Member

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    but yeah, try to find some people that know what there doing, and be chill about it, dont act high, we know when your trying, cause simply, you dont really act differnt,

    what? he can act however he wants, if people know its his first time, its expected hell be an idiot..
  3. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    im proud to say ive never tried to act high, casue the first tiem i smoked was the first time i was aroudn kids who were high so i didnt knwo hwo i was suppoosed to act haha, took two hits and felt it, 3 more and i was good haha, i think everyone gets high the first time they jsut might not realise it at first
  4. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    first time i smoked i was too worried about shit to feel anything

    i smoked a few more times and didnt really feel much

    went edge for like, 2 years

    smoked some shitty bud and didnt feel anything, started to think i was immune to it or something.

    smoked some incredibly good buddha with Din and got baked out of my skull, it was incredible. totally new feeling for me.

    and ive been getting high ever since, hahaha
  5. IMP

    IMP Member

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  6. alive

    alive Banned

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    beau. tiiii. ful.

    i didnt get high the first time at all, just slightly lightheaded. but the whole time i was thinking, wait a sec, is this it? cuz if so this is really not worth the risk.

    the second time i smoked i knew i was high, when ur high for the first time youll know, theres just no question. incredible incredible incredible.

    nothing bad can happen. and the chances of being allergic are like one in 10 billion. actually probably more. but u get the idea.
  7. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    yeah of course he can act like he wants, hell if hes high he shouldnt care what anyone thinks about how hes acting, i was saying to smoke, and they dont know if there high or not, or what so they just start acting like there falling asleep, or start saying stupid shit, or just saying there hungry cause thats what they saw on cheech and chong and think its cool to be high..

    i dunno if you understand or what but w/e man, one thing i forgot to say, is smoke because you want too, not because your friends want you too, or your at a party and everyones doing it, although i probally would offer you to hit the joint, you have all the right in the world to say no, and guess what they wont think lesser of you,
  8. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    I need some weed :(
    uploaded pics from camera
    old pic from like 2 weeks of some bud me and my cousin split smoked and sold


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    ^looks pretty grotty to me
  10. doomsayer

    doomsayer Elite Member

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    what happens if ur allergic to it? i mean what will happen if i am allergic and i start smoking it? man i dont know jack about weed. u cant get addicted to it can you? im thinking of smoking it with my mate, who always does it, just once cause i wanna feel what its like to get high.
  11. Enmity

    Enmity Elite Member

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  12. riddleboxxmcl

    riddleboxxmcl Senior Member

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    you cant get addicted to it
    if you want to do it and if your worried then just smoke a little or somthin
  13. spetzZz

    spetzZz Senior Member

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    god damn if you're so worried about it just don't do it.
  14. cess!

    cess! Elite Member

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    doom you should really stop thinking into it so much, its practically harmless, especially when your only doing it once
  15. otrfatcap

    otrfatcap Senior Member

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    yea doom, just chill out man, you will be fine...just make sure you arent gonna be around anyone you might need to hide it fom...
  16. myl

    myl Elite Member

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    droppin some science....

    marijuana is not physically addicting at all...some people claim it can become mentally addicting but it hasnt been proven at all...

    as for its dangerousness, its impossible to OD on reef, and there has never been one reported death caused by it...

    and when youre high, its different for most people...ill be smokin and not feelin nothin and then all of a sudden it just hits me and im like "yep, i love this shit" and i start drooling for a few minutes and then i get cotton mouth after that

    i suggest when you do it to just smoke a nice amount and go in your room, turn off the lights, lay in bed and listen to bands such as old man gloom and isis, or other experimental bands. the other day i was listening to old man gloom while high and i couldve sworn a freight train was about to just blow right thru my room. shit was awesome

    so basically dude, just hit it. youll love it after a few times
  17. darkstar

    darkstar Senior Member

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    You will crave it tho if u smoke alot
  18. 32rider32

    32rider32 Senior Member

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    From just smoking it there hasn't been lol. Lots of people have died while high though, I just didn't want the wrong idea get out to the new guy.
  19. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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    if he's that worried about smoking buddha, he shouldnt
  20. afek

    afek Elite Member

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    most ppl dont get high there first time

    the first time i did it was in grade 7 and i just a lil buzz and now i buzz for a bit then get tired and pass out i dunno its weird