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The Intermediate Thread

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    long live the 90s
  2. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    Long live the 90s!!

    Phat2: YEAH!
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  3. BombingWriter12

    BombingWriter12 Elite Member

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    im a 90s baby born in 94 and im from memphis where the 3 6 mafia is from
  4. bugs-one

    bugs-one Elite Member

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    Damn, you my little bro's age.
  5. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    Man I was 14 in 94 lol, hitting black books during class while bumping Biggie & Wu ( sorry not a Pac fan) in my headphones pissing teachers off. The good old days!!

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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  7. Kaps2

    Kaps2 Elite Member

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    Hey venom are you based in Switzerland? Were do you get up?

    no im based in beirut, but I'm in a zurich crew so I go to switzerland sometimes

    Nice, how did you meet your crew?

    I was invited to a jam in 2015 and just met them there. I was there only for a few days so I didn't have enough time to do all I wanted. They were some of the biggest zurich bombers so I made it a point to paint with them, and after I did, we found that we clicked, so they told me I could join HGK if I wanted... went back in 2017 and spent about a full month with them to REALLY get into the crew, know what i mean?

    PS: let's avoid flooding and edit this post if you have more questions, or hop in my DM
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  8. Esk.

    Esk. Member

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    was bored in class and drew this. i changed it up a lot and took out elements that made it to complicated to read and ended up with the last one. what yall think i should improve on. i also need help on where to add extensions n shit


  9. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    DAMN THIS THREAD IS ABOUT 9 years old...............LMAO Im getting old.

    Yo ESK, some of these sketches are more successful than others for various reasons. IMO the middle one is the strongest and the others fall off completely. I would try practicing line weights and drawing through your letters to gain more futility. Just because you connect one letter to another doesn't mean it has flow and the way you structure some of you letters the connection throws the piece off completely.

    Look at this OLD Ekzam piece for example....Notice the symmetry and simplicity. Along with AVERT. In Avert's case less is more and this is still fresh. Hope this helps.


  10. rakemoh

    rakemoh Member

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    - Scotland represent, Rakem
  11. Sanguine

    Sanguine Senior Member

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    I've been all about using less extensions for a while now. I hardly ever draw arrows in my pieces anymore for instance.

  12. Unk

    Unk Senior Member

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    Run yo pockets

  13. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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  14. Sanguine

    Sanguine Senior Member

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    ^^^ I don't either. Really need to change that.
  15. 5.inger

    5.inger New Member

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    Aye. So I ain’t been on here like... 7-8 years maybe could be shorter or longer. I don’t remember tbh. Want people to know in advance I mean nothing personal with criticism, I’m simply here to share my crits help others if I can maybe help give some ideas, and post my art and hopefully also get some helpful criticism. Still a give crits, get crit system, I’m guessing? Let’s give it a shot.

    @Esk. - I enjoy the top piece the most, tho I believe the way the style has progressed in the third is style with most potential for a deadly ass sleak style. I’d say main points to focus on are middle of E &K. Tho considering difference in that one and other pieces it’s just a matter of cleaning it up.
    @Sanguine - Liking letter structure and spacing in first one, IMO feels more planned, good flow.
    @hungover - Really like the way letters keep balance when changing up from thick to thin that gives nicer, I want to say symmetrical look. Only crit is maybe connect bottom and top of “I”? Threw me for a bit of a loop but could just be me being dumb AF. CBA3CDCF-B0BD-4788-AE63-899D69EBE02E.jpeg B4257814-7DD3-45F2-A049-4D3F6CD3B4AE.jpeg A8BA6765-D829-4241-ACC3-B808FB866B15.jpeg 02332A9D-61CB-4671-8AC7-2F0F43834AEB.jpeg 5597E33B-BB34-47D8-941C-C0A64855A4F7.jpeg 8B70E542-8D4A-4F3E-AD3F-53B03D7BD8AD.jpeg 05CEA362-C110-4CB1-B8E0-7FC4E9EBFD6D.jpeg F535E461-A1DE-4965-B3B2-E7560E10A89B.jpeg E53F00FE-E54E-4A5B-82A9-41EA3407B8EE.jpeg 49F2F170-87EC-45B7-BFBA-E6A81EAB8E27.jpeg 3A9214CC-733E-485F-8470-4E746A5DE807.jpeg BB16D58A-F788-4111-AAA1-E8A1E661C3D7.jpeg 479E3300-132C-4566-8083-0792EA7ED82F.jpeg 5C20C865-41FD-4B74-B30D-B79599F808AF.jpeg 369C958B-3655-47A7-96AF-A4F2A636DE02.jpeg
  16. 5.inger

    5.inger New Member

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    Just wait there’s more...















  17. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    not bad buddy, I don't really have any detailed crits, but in general everything looks fine. Not great, not bad. I'd say this is perfectly intermediate... just keep practicing.
    If anything, focus less on your characters and artfulness and colors and more on solid, confident looking letter structure with more flow.
    New prod soon from me... Been on hiatus for a few months now......
  18. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    New Samurai Jack wall in Beirut with Topaz on characters (France)


    rollers in Beirut with Bavar GN (Marseille)
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  19. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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    That purple is fire!!
  20. MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU

    MINE2 : C.H.A.P.S. CRU Senior Member

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