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The Intermediate Thread

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. CanalSt

    CanalSt Senior Member

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    This is my kinda old shit, some are pretty new
  2. unsuccsessfull

    unsuccsessfull Senior Member

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    appreciate it boys, been sketchin maad hard 2 get some non wierd lookin letters guess itl pay off thanks yo & deffinitly feelin that clover stuff
  3. idk401

    idk401 Senior Member

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  4. BERS1

    BERS1 Member

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    zoner-your the man
  5. BERS1

    BERS1 Member

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    some of my sketches...
  6. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    love that style bers... 4th one from the bottom is hot shit...

    and zoner thats gotta be the cleanest shit ive seen painted from u... keep up the progress!
  7. RES4

    RES4 Elite Member

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    that second one is the shit bers
  8. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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    Nice page so far, guys.

    Quick sketch. I know, I should have put the I more to the right above the N. Other than that, crits?

    Zoner- Fucking dope as always, the only thing I would throw in, is to fill the negative space between the main vertical bar of your R and the kick, it would not only help the flow, but would help with symmetry, and would look sick. My two cents, feel free to do what you do though, because that shit is working. Your sickest piece I've seen is that second sketch. Keep up the good work.

    Bers, some of that shit is dope as fuck, some of it could use some work, keep at it.
  9. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    as you said id rework the placing br real close from there on the get loose and the n and s are ugly. i mean even though your letters coming from top goin down they should flow the same direction b r s leaning to the left a i n to the right..or work the transition..i like the skull, damn he has lots of teeth..

    and i agree, zoner you should fill the space looks a bit wired, the second sketch is sick but the z is a bit oner have slim central elements just not the z.
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  10. Iele

    Iele Member

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    havent been here in some time.... this are some paints i have done
  11. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    you've got some pretty good painting skills but that second one is sorrowly lackin and that last is kinda wack
  12. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    naw not wack just that euro steez.

    lovin the bers. zoner your shit is wicket proper as well.
  13. Kaiser71

    Kaiser71 Senior Member

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    Iele: mad clean...but it's just...I dunno. Not my taste

    Bers lookin good, especially the second.

    Zoner always nice, love the dark red and light green combo

    Painting later, gonna put a V shaped character in the middle to fill the space:

    [Broken External Image]:
  14. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    eskoner stfu im from europe
  15. Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jun 21, 2010
  16. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    i have a whole folder with 160 ish photos of asses
  17. DukeOne

    DukeOne Moderator

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    Kinky do you ever get tired of being such a negative prick?
  18. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    do you ever get tired of my smelly dick cheese?
  19. DukeOne

    DukeOne Moderator

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    Oh, I was just using the word "shit" to describe your graff, but I suppose "smelly dick cheese" better describes your skill and style, or lack of.

    But in all honestly I am tired of seeing in every post you give some smug, arrogant comment about other peoples comments, graff, style, or lettering. Invest your time on your own craft instead of on insults and backhanded complements.
  20. Legendary

    Legendary New Member

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