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The Intermediate Thread

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    ^idk man, he used the amount of space on the page to its potential, except for the d shoulda been a little lower. why he chose a lower case D i do not know... also I may be a lil drunk, but im pretty sure it aint 2012 yet...

    aside from brains and mone, sketches on this page be kinda slackin, especially with head's consistancy... If it pleases thy mods standards, Ima officially post my sketches in this thread now.

    meh, for the RR
    View attachment 611402
    View attachment 611403
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  2. kringe

    kringe Senior Member

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    Not feeling this one. The bottom of the P should have been to the right more to kill the deadspace in between the P and U a bit more, and then theres just an awkward clusterfuck of busyness in the bottom right. The T shoulda been more like a backwards J too, if you guys get what I mean...Whatever
  3. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    you and sear have some similar looking letters
  4. Shit Outta Luck

    Shit Outta Luck Senior Member

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    oh what's good Eons. Wheres my sticker pack at FOOL. Sike I'm just playin haha nice piece. I don't like the right side of the U though, a little to clunky for my tastes.
  5. paintfaceVT

    paintfaceVT Senior Member

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    one thing about it is that its better then sear, correct letter structure, proper bars, the only thing thats weird is the tops they are way to pointy, keep at it. reminds me of my style a lot more then sear, very similar, not calling it biting though, just similar.
  6. seywhat

    seywhat Elite Member

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    rr piece.. gimme sum crits nigs...
    a new style im def still tweakin out, im honestly not to sure bout this overall, feel it needs to be tightened, but it is wat it is..

    kringe- mad clean man, plus if u did wat u said shit woulda been ill so keep at it
    ribcage- i dig it man, maybe shoulda rounded all the letters or squared em off, good shit tho
    dcae- real ill. maybe another capital letter in there could have added sumn, idk lol
    basek- keep doin wat u doin, real nice colors n decent letters, keep workin
    flippinchickens- i feel it overall, but the letters still arent solid feelin you kno, keep workin on bar consistency
    brains n mone- yall nigros already kno wassup...


    edit: got my hands on a scanner so figured id throw this freestyle up, crits on this too if u please

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  7. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    sputs - i agree with the crits brute gave u,except the fact that its better than sear.

    brute - stop talking about sear,worry about u.

    saywhat - bro something about that peice is fresh,but something is not working about it..i felt the same way about my entry ,i was also trying a new style..ima deff keep working on my style and you should work on that style,anything will become dope with practice.

    [Broken External Image]:

    ^ crits?

    * pretty much bited Atlas cbs with the peice at the bottom,tried to change it up in some ways though and make it a bit different than his "maria" peices.
  8. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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    You didn't "pretty much" bite him, that's definitely a fat fucking chomp. that A is his.
  9. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    yup it is ,i did say it was so relax.just a drawing,i wouldnt paint his letter "a" like that either
  10. IbuprofenTablets

    IbuprofenTablets Banned

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    Dude, why haven't your letters still changed at all?
    It really confuses me.
  11. 4menace2society0

    4menace2society0 Banned

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    ni99a suck my dick, go draw in your little book bitch and come out in the sunlight when you wanna squash it.....were not far away from eachother after all, me and my crew against you get at me
    Sear by StuckInTha90's, on Flickr
  12. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

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    Yes yo! this is straight ill man! Fuck with that fill more I like how it gives the letters more dimension... And correct me if I am wrong you straight freestyled that... No pencil sketchin just applying the paint to the wall... And Paintface get off his Jock and go paint something other than your own face... with jizz I may add... lol
  13. Edward"Sezer"Hands

    Edward"Sezer"Hands Elite Member

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  14. lord_plankton

    lord_plankton Elite Member

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    yoo tezer saving the page, i enjoy that.

    anyone up for a paint battle, decide quickly, i wanna do it the word. doesnt mean youve to do yours today too..
  15. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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    Ayo, this fill isn't done right... if you're going for dimension, you put it on the wrong sides. That extension coming off the end of your S on the left is hideous, looks like a noodle. The S to mid-E extension looks retarded, your letters are too fat for such drastic change in structure. The E to A extension is too wobbly, it should be more direct and forceful. Your A kills the little amount of flow that the SE make, and the A-wiggle-R extension looks limp and lifeless. it also doesn't go with the flow of the R. That R's also got bad letter structure, because you're flaring it in the wrong spot. Actually, all of these letters have bad structure.. The bars need to be consistent, man. Keep up the painting, but work on your letters while you do it. Just because you can paint doesn't mean you're doing it right. Might as well get better if you're going to be doing it a lot.

    Sleazy Tezey always saves the day. Shit looks ill as fuck.
  16. FlippingChickens

    FlippingChickens Banned

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    sear - it doesnt look bad,i do agree that the extension coming off the left side of the "s" is wierd ,but everything is the best ive seen from you yet,especially that color combo.even if phil said it doesnt have dimension,i think it has a good idea of it.

    tezer - that looks so clean fuck! love that style,and color. Hope you dont mind if i borrow the idea of the "t" connecting with the "e" ,it would make a dope "t" and "o" connection.

    go listen to soldier boy bitch
  17. ierkpeople

    ierkpeople Member

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    ALL OF YOU SHOULD TRY PAINTING! its this thing that real graff artist do. just my opinion u guys talk way to much shit for drawers. an none of u could even paint the things u draw. u should all learn some respect to while ur at it u internet thugs lol
  18. toopski

    toopski Guest

    lmao i havent actually seen a sketch by you yet so maybe u cant piece what u draw either

    but true theres a lotta talk then again this is this thing called the internet where u can do as you fucking please get it
  19. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    fucked up the E.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  20. sadgeh

    sadgeh Senior Member

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    haha guess what im doing right now?