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The Intermediate Thread

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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    @Mone, dope shit. Too bad they buff that type of car pretty quick. One of the only train cars that gets the buff. Most last a long time if you avoid the numbers
  2. -PageOne-

    -PageOne- New Member

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    not sure if i have ever posted here, so guess its my first time.
    Showing some of my stuff both blackbook, canvas and the latest painted piece (background done by my friend, i only did the letters)
    so give some crits or if i should go to the toy thread.


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  3. -PageOne-

    -PageOne- New Member

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    hmm.. sorry for the MASSIVE size on them..
  4. Messer

    Messer Senior Member

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  5. DEMPO

    DEMPO Senior Member

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  6. lostyoursense

    lostyoursense Senior Member

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  7. <J-one>

    <J-one> Senior Member

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    Throwin some paint around

    Don't call it a comeback
  8. lostyoursense

    lostyoursense Senior Member

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  9. paintfaceVT

    paintfaceVT Senior Member

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    Got bored came up with some creature thing.

    Adies where not my decision, my boy threw it in a box of skittles and i was drunk as balls so I didnt notice, first time I have ever blacked out and been worried when I woke up hahaha.
  10. lostyoursense

    lostyoursense Senior Member

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  11. KEAZE

    KEAZE Senior Member

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    that apes is sexci ^
  12. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    geez, you leave for one day and shit gets flooded!
    sorry, took a little trip out to the next village to rack some fruit... got me some peaches, some cherries, and a watermelon! shit's unreal for munchies after some hash
  13. junkbox

    junkbox Senior Member

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    Am I wrong or isn't there a well known freight-hitter goes by APES?

    I hate to be that dude all like 'yo you fucked up lame, my man so-and-so is already writing xQz31.ABC', but I thought I would you let you know.

    On a lighter and more positive note, from what I've seen of you're work on here, you're getting a lot better, so props to you, keep it up man.
  14. Stuck

    Stuck Elite Member

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    theres APER from VC
  15. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

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    All the names are taken bro the style is the true representation of a writer...
    @Sear lmao you know me too well
    working on a few quick simple pieces
    My homie and me did an Exchange awhile back
    I attempted to work from his piece and try a whole new style I did not like how the piece came out but it was fun trying out his style
  16. Kesar

    Kesar Member

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    Mone, that last one. Fuck yeah. Paint it.
  17. extinct

    extinct Senior Member

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    that mone exchange is pretty ill... too much colour going on to see what the letters look like... just gotta look closely
  18. MoganOne

    MoganOne Moderator

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    If you look closely Ceyn did my name 3 times up in that Exchange piece lol
  19. extinct

    extinct Senior Member

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  20. Mori

    Mori Senior Member

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