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The Punk Rock Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ekto907, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    I love you.
    :lol: [/b][/quote]

    If I wanna bake cookies and you got the tins then we'll eat together cause WHO SHARES WINS!

    After hellfest got cancled there still, gonna be playing some shows and my friend is talking to them about coming here. i'm super stoaked on it.

    i just got the widespread bloodshead, voetsek, brody's militia split one sided 5" and its brutal.

    saw running for covers last show on saturday.

    battle royal from germany is playing tonight!

    got the spazz/gob 5" split at pointlessfest which fucking ruled. shrink to bad you couldn't make it.

    municipal waste and dr. know on the 9th! its my 3rd time seeing the waste in 4 months, i feel privileged.

    kids, any band on the warped tour that consideres them emo or pop punk doesn't belong here.

    and people if you want to tape trade then hit me up i want to hear some new shit.

    aim - totaldestrux999

    if you hit me up i'll send you my record list or myspace or whatever.
  2. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    what makes hip hop any different?

    and how do you know anything about punk rock because you see a bunch of 14 year old scene sluts come out of hot topic with there fauz hawk emo boyfriends. thats nothing. you know nothing.
  3. thewetone

    thewetone New Member

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  4. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    ive said it before, i'll say it again

    i love you, meekus
  5. 369

    369 Senior Member

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    fuck punk rock!
  6. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    I've been listening to alot of Randy lately. I'm still trying to figure out if I like them or if I just think they have a hilarious name. My band has new stuff out check it out we're like kind of punk I guess.
  7. PhAiS

    PhAiS Senior Member

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    its nice to see some other writers that like the punk life, theres way to many straight brimmed baller hats and g-unit t-shirts out there for my liking
    thug life nigga what
  8. Quigbert

    Quigbert Senior Member

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    to list a few

  9. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    all those bands completely kick ass
  10. Cherubic Meekus

    Cherubic Meekus Elite Member

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    havn't seen this until now....but same for you, FOE.
  11. SMiZ315

    SMiZ315 Senior Member

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    i've been rockin' out to a lot of the nyc squat punk bands (leftover crack, morning glory etc) and a lot of oxymoron and bad religion lately
  12. sikes1

    sikes1 Member

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    New "Punk" sucks. Green Day sold out long ago. Emo music isn't too amazing. Hardcore...It's okay but soon enough a heavy breakdown will consist of complete silence because they're that hardcore. Put in some Buzzcocks, 7 Seconds, DRI, Refused, and Black Flag. Soon you'll be smashing your walls and running the block for no reason.
  13. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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  14. *s*h*a*d*e*

    *s*h*a*d*e* Senior Member

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    punk sucks screamo owns u all -.-
  15. elcs

    elcs Elite Member

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    Screamo isnt a real type of music
  16. EGAD

    EGAD Banned

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    it's a shame not enough people who come here like punk, it'd be good to get some album trades like the hip hop thread,

    oh well, another sleepless night for EGAD
  17. dark\gbk

    dark\gbk Senior Member

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    i am personally going to go to every little emo faggot on this website and hand then some equipment

    1. a razorblade
    2. a rope
    3. a gun
    4 some poison

    either 1 of these ways would be affective to kill them, so 1 say no to emo 2 punks are kewl but when they start listening to the used and all the emo scremo they become gay, and then they start munchen on dick

    so please emo's all over the world i don't wanna here "i wanna die" or "i hate my life" just fukin KILL URSELF already mother fukers


    mod's i dnt give a fuk if i get banned, so don't threaten me with that bullshit, motherfuker

  18. dark\gbk

    dark\gbk Senior Member

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    read my mother fukin post biatch
  19. ZoNe1

    ZoNe1 Member

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    Well back when i listened to punk(i cant do it now it just makes me wanna kick skin's and little emo kids ass's) i would listen to Cheap sex subhumans DK flux of pink indians resilience carrer soilder curcle jerks and shit like that
  20. Twitch1

    Twitch1 Member

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    faggot ass emo's. just crack me up. Why is it even getting involved with graffiti??? agree with dark. they can go fucking kill themselves just for dressin like doushe bags to start with