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The War For Oil

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PureSole, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Sphincter

    Sphincter Member

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    im just as much of a leftist as the next man, probly far more so than anyone here, but you need to look at the root problem

    sure its easy to run around saying NO BLOOD FOR OIL and being rebellios
    but whithout oil, our society would collapse, and face it, the oil is running out and the US is doing their damndest to secure what last bits it can
    western society is completely oil based, without it our world would grind to a hault, you may say 'but i dont drine a car, i rade a bike' well your helping, but without oil, you cant run a tractor to plow a field to grow your wheat, and you cant fuel a truck to bring the wheat to the grainary, and you cant fuel the train to bring the wheat across the country to your grocery store, without oil we couldnt heat out homes in the winter, or keep them cool in the summer, we wouldnt have elctricity to power our homes, we would have nothing

    we need to start from the ground up and redesign our entire system of doing things, but all this costs money, and no one is willing to invest that kind of capital into a 'green' socitey because there is no money to be made in it
  2. koper

    koper Banned

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    lovin the conspiracy theory flash videos and google videos
    i'll be up all night
    but i got a midtermo tomorrow D:
  3. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    yep, i remember cas i was printing them out when i was doing the whole shock street art deal while writing "gesus love the children" on them

    Sphincter theres MANY oil replacements out there
  4. Mse

    Mse Elite Member

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    edit didnt read the last bit of your post
  5. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  6. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    Bush's granddad was a nazi, arndols fauther was a nazi, other member of the us goverment was nazi supporters

    skull and bones... nazi supporters

    The same people who brought hitler to power are bring arnold to power in the us

    they've learned from there mistakes there tryin it again
  7. Escape

    Escape Senior Member

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    Firstly you're probably not as left as some people here. I'm a member of the Young Communist League of Canada. I often attend union walkouts and promote marxist leninist socialism wherever I go.

    Secondly our dependency on oil. The oil in north america is NOT running out. It is simply the oil that is CHEAP to harvest that is running out. Instead of investing billions of dollars in war to go take oil from other countries, why not invest that immense amount of money into research and development for our own harvesting purposes.

    And you say oil is what our society runs on. Once again i disagree. It is not oil that our society runs on, but rather energy consumption.

    The problem the way i see it, is that how we determine whether we have a good day or a bad day is decided about whether there is reform in Saudi Arabia, and if women are allowed to vote or not.

    The way i think we should solve this problem is ENERGY INDEPENDANCE. But to do this the nation (Both canada and the US) need to make the idea appealing. Think about how the US felt about making it to the moon, many people went into the field of science, some wanted to be astronauts others wanted to invest in aerospace technology. The governemnt created that drive amongst the people. I feel the governemnt needs to do the same for energy independance, creating a source of energy that we can use so we no longer have to depend on oil producing nations.

    Create competition between nations (much liek the US and the soviets during the space race) in the pursuit of independant energy.

    Anyways. There is tons more injustice and theories to talk about but again i'll wait until a topic comes up.
  8. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    alot of the things that are being discussed I agree with but for the most part, how much can you really rely on internet websites? for the most part there worse than the media itself. and everyone who complains about big media corporations like fox news for example probably watch family guy or the simpsons.

    i think that for the most part we should be educated as to what is going on in the world and what our foreign policys are but we should be way more involved in the domestic policys and whats going on in our own communities.

    i disagree with what sphincter said, we don't need to redesign our entire system. not only is that a foolish waste of time but money as well. if america was really dedicated in finding new energy sources and relying less on oil then it would be drastically different than what you see today. generalizing, alot of people are just lazy or don't care or both and would rather live there lives like they have been and then when the time comes they will look to corporations to dish out the next big thing.

    i'd rather have every day action in my own community than to change the world because its just not gonna happen. if it does, we'll probably be dead.

    and gesus, check your facts on the bush nazi thing, i've read that the bush family did buisness with the nazi party with there steel, rail roads and oil. thats about it.

    LOWBLOW Member

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    Has anyone heard of a book called the protocols of the elders of zion .. .. the premise is WORLD CONQUEST THROUGH WORLD JEWISH GOVERNMENT which would/could explain why hitler had a such a strong hate/fear for people of jewish decent .. I in no way condone what happened in the holocaust but it makes you think .. this book is banned in many countrys and is highly controversial .. it is readable on the net .. its definatly a book that makes you think .. i saw it on the website under where they promote books .. its a fairly cool website that looks at the conspiritorial view of history throughout the 3 planned world wars
  10. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    hitler didn't hate the jews because they may or may not have had a plan for control of the world. and what orginized religion doesn't think that there people will inherit the earth?

    historicaly there are a few things in hitlers past that would explain why hitler picked the jews other than him just being fucked up.

    hitler went to art school before he joined the german army. he was constantly critisized by his teachers while his rival (which so happened to be a jew) was constantly better than him and in the top of the class. that led to his hate towards the jews. later hitler used the jews as a scapegoat to rally the german people into fighting with him by telling the german people that the jews were keeping all the money and that was the reason why germany was in an economic slump.

    for the most part anyone who reads books from like.....the library can find out pretty much everything thats been said in this thread.

    LOWBLOW Member

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    Im not really into the whole hitler thing i was just saying .. im pretty sure that the library does not have conspiritorial views of september 11th. I Agree with you for the most part you can find books in librarys unless they are banned from that country which personally raises my eyebrow to why a book would be banned .. there must be something worth reading in it .. i like controversial things so if its not suposed to be read i read it .. if its not suposed to be written on i write on it .. its juts my nature
  12. cowalski

    cowalski Member

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    substitute the word "jews" for "the wealthy elite" and you're getting closer to the truth.

    I guarantee you that a filthy rich jew will do business with a filthy rich muslim any day of the week.

    Its super easy to find a group and blame them for the problems of the world, ie. the rich, the jews, the terrorists, the graffiti writers...but we are all smoking the same bowl...

    If you believe that someone else is fucking you over and you have no control, that thought in your little brain is actually taking control away from you. When you believe you don't have the power to change shit, guess what, you don't.

    did you fill up your car at the gas station this week? (or put your last 2.50 in your tank like me?)...are you paying the electric company to be on your computer right now? Did you take a shower with water from the fuacet, heated by natural gas supplied by the same peeps that are bombing the shit out of the middle east right now?

    Nothing will change unless we change ourselves.
  13. cowalski

    cowalski Member

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    no matter how much 9-11 conspiracy info is circulated, all it takes is one episode of dateline, and its all worthless.

    I wonder if the gov't purposely puts out ridiculous conspiracy theories just to ruin the credibility of the ones that actually make sense.
  14. scv

    scv Member

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    heres one solution to the running out of oil problem:

    Report on Nanotechnology

    Nanites are tiny robots, so small they can seperate atoms in molecules. Cows are a
    machine in the way it makes milk. A cow drinks water, and it eats grass. Both of those mix in their stomach’s, which produces milk. If we had Nanites, we could take a bowl, put grass and water in the bowl, then put nanites programmed to take apart the grass and water molecules in the bowl. Then you throw in Nanites programmed to take certain atoms that make milk molecules and put them together to make milk. Same with water. There is never new water. It’s always recycled. You take a cup of water and dump it into the dirt, it’s not wasted. Eventually it evaporates and is used again. However, there are some countries that have water that is contaminated with diseases. With Nanites you could make new water by programing them to take hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms and putting them together. Or you can decontaminate the water by programing them to take apart the virus molecules and the disease is gone. You can even end world hunger, because you can make food with them!

    However, if they are so small, how can they make such big things? Easy, as long as you have enough material. All you have to do is make one Nanite and program it to make an exact copy of itself. In about 5 hours (If given unlimited material) it would create enough Nanites to match the mass of planet Earth!

    The only bad part is, what if bad people get hold of them? In war the enemy could program the Nanites to take apart skin molecules to kill people. They don’t sound so fun now, huh? Or if some scientist tests them by programing them to turn dirt into rubber balls. Then a few fall off his desk onto the ground. The scientist steps on them and they cling to his shoe. Then he goes home and has a barbecue in his backyard. The Nanites get onto the dirt in his backyard and turn it into rubber. Eventually the whole world turns into rubber!

    So there are good things and bad things about Nanites. The only problem is that scientists can’t make them yet. How do we put information in such small things? Also how do we make such small things? Maybe you will be the one to solve these problems.

    if we had these we could just make oil
  15. cowalski

    cowalski Member

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    they made a molecule that is actually a transistor...

    And I'm pretty sure they have nanites and they aren't telling us..

    The problem isn't that we don't have the technology to save ourselves

    the problem is that the people who have the power to implement this shit...
    a.don't want to
    2.don't care about most of the world's population
    d.actually want most of us DEAD

    10 points if you get the movie reference
  16. mountainofdews

    mountainofdews New Member

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    Heres pretty much what I think America is doing:

    You can't move out of America alone until you are 18, the whole time before your 18 you are in school learning about America and how "great" of a country it is, and meanwhile your watching tv and getting hooked on all these products here and on the news all this stuff in other countries that makes them look so bad, and by time your 18 you think America is so great you don't want to move out, and the government makes all this money off of the people that live in America so they dont want anyone to leave. And the only reason most drugs are illegal is because the government doesnt get any tax from them so they make it illegal and make all these don't do drugs adds and make them look so horrible even though ciggaretes are probably way worse than most drugs but they dont care if anyone dies as long as they make money. Also they release all these war games and make them look so great and so kids play them and think war is so fun and great. Then just wait until they reinstate the drafting laws and all these kids who think that they must serve their country because its so great and war looks so fun. Plus the government has all this money to fund Nasa and everything to make new Military warfare and it starts with Iraq on the news with all these reports of how bad of a country it is with all their bombings even though Americas troops can leave whenever they want and next thing you know some other country decides to "Terrorize" America so we go after them with the whole army of People sucked in by the drafting and the glamorizing of war and we take over them and all other countries until america owns practically the whole world.

    Thats my opinion of what America is doing anyway.
  17. PamS

    PamS Senior Member

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    bin ladaen adn osam should have been imprisoned the first itme they made an attack or threatenedyou guys.
  18. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    ok frist off i do not watch tv, and if i do its watching dvds, i do watch things like the boondocks on adultswim but i download them off torrent sites, so theres no commericals so its not really watching tv because theres nothing besides what im watching no interuptions

    as for most the shit i dont read on the web unless its a reliable source, for the most part i stick to documentrys, audiobooks and regular books

    but my facts have been check about the bush nazi thing bush's grandfaughter prescot bush was a nazi agent, who a nazi traitor who should of been tried for treason, your right they did help and provide them steal for rail roads and helped build a number of concentraion camp including auschwitz, he was a skull and bones member just like bush and his fauther and his fauthers and his faughter, and if you know anything about skull and bones you'll know that they practice nazi act's, they have a large amount of symbols the nazi's use, they belive in world domaination and death to anyone who isnt like them, ect...

    even herburt walker bush helped with a nazi money landering ring orperaition that was supposed to be a bank which later had all there assets frozen when they were exposed, they also owned a cruise ship that transported nazi syps such as prescot bush into the US and Canada, on that same shit they had flyer out for any americans that would come back to germany and work for hitler 8months into the war

    prescot did anumber of things like above that were antiamerican and prohitler, prescot bush also tryed to make american just like hitlers moto exactly along wiht the remiton family by imposing martial law, rounding up unemployed people that were "worthless" to the ecomomey, troublemakers, jews, ect and put them into camps and if it was nessary to "exterminate" the people who couldnt be part of the effort.... the only reason they did succed with that is becase they hired the wrong person gen. smedly buttler, who worked with the bush's and remionton's long enough to know everything and then blow the wistle on what they were tryin to do to congress, they were told the goverment and the fbi to stop in there nazi deals but they kept on all the was till 1951 by gettin zani assest, and then moving them around into switserland, berzil, argentina and panama they contunied do do bussisnes with fritz thessyon who backed hitler and was one of the wealthiest men in germany (who prescot s bush was on the bored of directors) who help bulid the nazi war machine, the camps, the trains ect when Fritz thessyon died prescot bush got almost 2 million$ for helping with the nazis, helping with the steal, helping bulid everything, help with the money landering, helping with moving around the funds...

    alot of that was in a sr. george bush biography (unarthorized), news paper articals, alex jones documentry on skull and bones and the bohiman groove relations to the nazis ect

    so its a lil bit deeper then railroads and steel... the oil didnt come in till george sr.

    but helping the nazi movment is what started thebush family fortion...

    If you want ill send you and audio file qtalking about all of this if yo dont belive me, or yo can just watch this video by alex jones

    sorry about all the misspelling but i spilled adrink on my keybored and its majorty fuck not to menchion the fact gesus can spell
  19. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    try going alil deeper into it....

    bin ladin did not bin ladin works for the cia, this is somthing and fat asshole michale moore didnt cover, mike moore only covered a small amount of things in 911 but thats not supprising considering michale moore worked for the white house as one of there top journalist....
  20. Kingz514

    Kingz514 Elite Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    [Broken External Image]:

    American Free Press June 30, 2003

    Crime Against Humanity
    Massive Epidemic of Severe Birth Defects Result of America's Attacks Against Iraq

    The terrible price of war is not limited to dollars, combat deaths and injuries but includes the horrible human suffering that persists for many years after the shooting war stops.

    By James P. Tucker Jr.

    In the decade following Gulf War I, the rate of birth defects among newborn Iraqi babies leaped tenfold from 11 per 100,000 births to 116 per 100,000 births. In the wake of Gulf War II, physicians and human rights groups are anticipating further increases in horrible deformities and sick and dying children with which Iraq's shattered medical system will be unable to cope.

    Scientists contend that the blame is to be placed on toxic elements in U.S. weapons such as depleted uranium (DU) used in U.S. missiles. While its use has yet to be defined as a "war crime," scientists say it certainly is a "crime against humanity."

    Jawad Al-Ali, MD, a British-trained oncologist at the Saddam Teaching Hospital in Basra has four albums filled with pictures of babies with birth defects.

    He has photos of infants born without brains, with their internal organs outside their bodies, without arms and legs, without eyes, without sexual organs, without spines—the horror pictures are beyond description.

    He also has photos of cancer patients. Cancer has increased dramatically in southern Iraq. In 1988, 34 people died of cancer. In 1998—seven years after Gulf War I ended—450 died of cancer. In 2001, there were 603 cancer deaths.

    The wards are filled with children suffering from leukemia. Most of them die, physicians told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, because there are insufficient drugs available for their treatment. There was a notable exception: one boy whose parents could afford to buy the expensive drugs on the black market.

    It defies logic for the United States to try to absolve DU of the blame when American veterans of Gulf War I and of the fighting in the Balkans share common illnesses with children in southern Iraq, Al-Ali said. Children of American vets who were exposed to DU are being born with horrible deformities.

    "The cause of all these cancers and deformities remains theoretical because we can't confirm the presence of uranium in tissue or urine with the equipment we have," Al-Ali told the Post-Intelligencer. "And be cause of the sanctions, we can't get the equipment we need."

    Since combat operations ended—although guerrilla fighting still claims American lives almost daily—the United States has called on the United Nations to lift the sanctions. But the destruction and turmoil in Iraq render this meaningless at the moment.

    Physicians in southern Iraq have documented increases in childhood cancers and birth defects since 1990, Dr. Thomas Fasy, of New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine, told Associated Press. Fasy has met with Iraqi physicians.

    A dialogue between Ahmed Mansour and Doug Rokke, former chief of the depleted uranium project at the Pentagon, was reported by al Jazeera. "The infections that showed up in the south of Iraq and the deformities in the newborns, do you expect these to last for 4-5 billion years?" Mansour asks.

    "Absolutely," Rokke responds. "As long as individuals are being exposed to uranium, we know that the changes in the RNA and in DNA, the changes that occur genetically, are causing all of these birth defects."

    "Can the insistence of the United States to use this ammunition against human beings and against Iraq be considered a new war crime?" Mansour asks.

    "Anybody who uses uranium munitions in war must understand that it is a crime against God and a crime against humanity," Rokke responds. "When you deliberately and willfully spread radioactive waste, ignore the health effects and refuse to clean it up, that is a crime against God and a crime against humanity."

    the deformities and shit is what gets me the most

    thats the site where i got it..