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theKid vs Keepsicks - REVUE

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Msfyt, Oct 29, 2009.

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Poll closed Nov 5, 2009.
  1. theKid

  2. keepsicks

  1. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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  2. Flawless Victory

    Flawless Victory Elite Member

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    I'd vote for Keep, but this isn't a poll.
  3. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

    • Messages: 5,194
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    cause youre an impatient know it all
    next time wait a few seconds for the poll to load ass
  4. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    Keeper gmv

    I like that symmetrical look.

    rofl msfyt
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2009
  5. bOxcaR

    bOxcaR Senior Member

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    both are fresh, keeper gmv
    nice colors
  6. getchos

    getchos Member

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    Both quality entries. Liked the kid's R better, but Keeps V and overall presentation made the difference.
  7. JAYES1

    JAYES1 Member

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    I like the Kids E, but Keepsicks killed it on the rest. Yeah, I like the symmetry too Keep, reminds me a bit of Sever. Not a bite though. Looks goooooood
  8. BERS1

    BERS1 Member

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    both are dope... went with kid but keep6icks is dope looks liek he went all REVOK on that battle
  9. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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    hAHAHHAHA...because its got a REV in it?

    GOATHEAD Member

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    i went with keepsicks. That v is so dope.
  11. joshthesk8ter5

    joshthesk8ter5 Senior Member

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    just nuttin in my pants a little, keep that shit is firrrreeeeee
  12. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    No offense, i know everyone has opinions.

    But half you cats have no idea what the fuck your talking about.

    Kid, not being a dick, But your letters are lacking structure a lot.
    and has no flow, and done a little sloppy.
    You have a long ass way to go before your shit gets an eight as developed as Keep6.
    But keep working at at.

    That Revok comment was absolutely retarded.
    That guys name gets dropped so much.
    Keep6's shit is nothing like Revok, whats so ever.

    Keep6's shit is way too solid for Kid to touch.

    You guys do not understand how polished his shit is, its borderline perfect.

    Enough dick riding, Keep6 won by a HUGE margin.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2009
  13. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    Really feeling that 3d keep..
  14. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    agree with esto...kid's got alot of work ahead of him, lettering, placement, flow, extensions ect

    keep came solid n takes the gold
  15. boodah

    boodah Senior Member

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    Where are all the other battles?
  16. W_G_O_N_E

    W_G_O_N_E Elite Member

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    Honored to vote keep6. Any tips on supplies?
  17. JAYES1

    JAYES1 Member

    • Messages: 24
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    Word, that style is NOTHING like Revoks. I hate it when toys drop MSK names. I felt a little bad saying it reminded me of Sever.
  18. Vice(Tre)

    Vice(Tre) Guest

    co sign Esto. keep shat
  19. theKid.

    theKid. Senior Member

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    ya. I agree with esto. Im so whack.
    People just have different opinions I guess.
  20. JMANN.23.HTK

    JMANN.23.HTK Senior Member

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