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Throw Ups - Bombs

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by CHILLEN905, May 19, 2004.

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  1. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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  2. weak0ner

    weak0ner Moderator

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  3. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    do u water down ur paint?

    u have such a weird fill i dont understand it i think u need to hold the can farther from the freight idk ive never seen a clean fill from u dk its weird

    if i was u i would make the k straight at the end not that little extension
  4. Grapez

    Grapez Senior Member

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    if i was him i would not paint freights, because i would be a faggot who wouldnt know what style was and sucked balls at painting.
    ghetto fills are the only things you can do because you dont know what a proper fill looks like you toy shit.
  5. flclnaruto1213

    flclnaruto1213 Elite Member

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    stok your such an idiot, your filling with either stock caps or skinnies, you know they have fat caps for that.
  6. Short Ethiopian Kid

    Short Ethiopian Kid Elite Member

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    5 poppin 6 droppin

    i thought that was folks shit [/b][/quote]
    if fives were poppin that wouldn't be no folk shit nigga stfu and speak when spoken to :angry:
  7. Osnerf

    Osnerf Senior Member

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    toys talkin bout oys who lik toys, like thi toys, who do toys, like thyre toys and the toys they like boys
  8. BestOne

    BestOne Member

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  9. To.The.Beat

    To.The.Beat Senior Member

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    how is it so impossible to execute a scratch fill? [/b][/quote]
    Make the middle section of the S a little fatter.

    I love seeing stoks stuff. :lol: It's fun.

    You're lucky you can get frieghts like that

    But keep doing it.
  10. pastense

    pastense Member

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    if fives were poppin that wouldn't be no folk shit nigga stfu and speak when spoken to :angry: [/b][/quote]
    i said i thought not that is, so hop off shorty
  11. 3pik norsk1

    3pik norsk1 Senior Member

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    POSTMANSLUT5000 Senior Member

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    View attachment 196569
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    my nigga cros youngboul hes only in 7th grade and has more rep and skill than any of you faggot ass motherfuckers could dream of
    View attachment 196571
    View attachment 196572
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    View attachment 196574
    tain..another youngboul who has more rep and skill than you bitches...hes 13

    nyc babyyyyy ;)
  13. Max Pain

    Max Pain Senior Member

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  14. ---CRoR---

    ---CRoR--- Elite Member

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  15. RumpleSteelskin?

    RumpleSteelskin? Member

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  16. you'll never paint steel

    you'll never paint steel Senior Member

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  17. E-Terror

    E-Terror Elite Member

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  18. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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  19. tonedope

    tonedope Elite Member

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    i kinda like sum of ure old ones more, ure new throws E looks like one of my friends

    POSTMANSLUT5000 Senior Member

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    that shit needs to stop.
    yo cier your sig is so dope man.