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Throw Ups - Bombs

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by CHILLEN905, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Derogatory9o5

    Derogatory9o5 Senior Member

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  2. Commander Cool

    Commander Cool Senior Member

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    as we can see it takes toy graff to a whole new level where there never toys they just steal peopls shit
  3. ACE512

    ACE512 Elite Member

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    i have yet to see a badass throwup in austin .... just nice pieces here
  4. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

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  5. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

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  6. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

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    he probably didnt even know. who cares.

    i forgot to finish the face on this one.
    [Broken External Image]:
    Shot with DMC-LC43 at 2007-07-01
  7. 2KoS

    2KoS Senior Member

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    how the fuck can you call that bite?? ffs this forum is full of dipshitted 'bite police' who dont know fuckin shit. well, at least its a change from 'omfg ur e loox exactlee liek cope2 u fuckin toy go die toy biter boy toy'.
  8. Leser

    Leser Senior Member

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    sort that throwie is sick, i dig the faces you put in them.
  9. MainEvent

    MainEvent Senior Member

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    that scan ish is hot
  10. TAZM

    TAZM Member

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    ok im a toy and cant seem to come up with a good throw up...

    could some one possibly make one for me for inspiration. seeing the letters i think will help me. but im not going to just bite it.

    PM me if your nice.
  11. SIKOE

    SIKOE Senior Member

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    ***** learn how ta spell bitch. 12? ha ***** im old enuff ta beat chur bitch ass. U eva in tha fuckin south hitt me up i'll stomp ur fuckin face in till then stop runnin yer cocksucker all that shit talkin.
  12. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    how can YOU possibly tell him to learn how to spell.......christ...leave it alone...
  13. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    13 words spelled incorectly in a post calling someone out for spelling, also i really wouldnt brag about being older than 12, cuss ur graff looks like the work of a 10 year old, and how will beating his bitch ass stop u being a tool?:)
  14. HAKONE

    HAKONE New Member

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  15. dotone

    dotone Elite Member

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    who'd scan bite off of? the dude said he was a biter but off who?
  16. ANS

    ANS Senior Member

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  17. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

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    all you have to go is go one page back to see its not scan biting but gettin bitten
  18. oh wat??

    oh wat?? Senior Member

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    i like yur throws they look tight
  19. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    the a looks like a dick

    CIFILONE Senior Member

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    man your STILL on here talking shit...
    go die kid, your wack, every post of yours
    is either shit talking, or the uglyest toyest
    crap that you think is the shit...and dont give
    us that "i was drunk shit", i dont think ive ever
    painted sober once....anyways, take some advice
    and get that toy stick outta yer ass.