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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Fube, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Blox

    Blox Senior Member

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    Your getting way to technical Reel.
    With the shadowd hand styles, and the bubble backgrounds, and the open R's/
    Just take er way more simpol man.
  2. peacebomb

    peacebomb Senior Member

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  3. SONE.

    SONE. Senior Member

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    drop what ever is on top of ur letters. the lil rectangle thing
  4. dogowar

    dogowar Member

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    yeah soop drop those liitle things on the top, are they ment to look like bombs?. And make the holes in the o and p diffrent im not likeing them were they are. Plus your P looks a bit like and e. But you do have the same style flowing through all your letters which is good.
  5. capy

    capy Member

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    whats so bad about it pls tell me so i can improve
    ps my name isn't sick its capy
  6. Bink1

    Bink1 Elite Member

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    imrove it by lookin in new to graff thread or look at sum flicks of throwies to get some inspiration, looks like u dont get it for now.
  7. ShaolinNy

    ShaolinNy Senior Member

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    Im messin with a new name Dent,Did this in the dark since my lights are broke in my room lol

  8. sellers E.

    sellers E. Senior Member

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  9. WikedRequiem

    WikedRequiem Member

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    back to the drawing board.......
  10. weakfingers

    weakfingers Elite Member

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    Daylo- I dont know if you know about this marker but you basicly stole the name . They spell it Dalo. Other then that for starters I'd looze the x things and just do circles.

    ShaolinNY- That shadow is mad wack, its chillen on the top and bottem. Work on making the letters the same size and not letting them grow/shrink throughout the throw.

    Aight then, I've been trying to work on new style for the past 2 weeks and come-up with straight shitty throws and went back to a simple bubble look and tried to fix up a couple letters. Can any body give me some help on what to do with my T?
  11. pandemik

    pandemik Senior Member

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    skwint, man ive really liked your stuff except for the t, which isn't too bad, i just don't dig it man. Other than that, I like it.
  12. weakfingers

    weakfingers Elite Member

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    Tell me about it, I find them so weird in throws,
    The problem with my T is I dont like bringing it out to show the other side because I get a lot of dead space and the whole flow of the bomb is off-set. So I'm still working on fixing it and any suggestions on how I would re-arrange shit would be greatly apreceated.
  13. ShaolinNy

    ShaolinNy Senior Member

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    you can try and do sumthin like my t
  14. Queezy

    Queezy Elite Member

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    Make the top bar of the T short 'n fat, and the bottom like the s.
  15. mtown

    mtown Banned

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  16. Bink1

    Bink1 Elite Member

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    just rip off the T , if u dont like that letter why u should write it? well Skwin sounds cool.
  17. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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  18. bak

    bak Senior Member

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    skwint try and curve the arm of the t so it connects with the dot at the bottom
  19. Zarb

    Zarb Senior Member

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    new name
    dont know if im gonna keep it yet, how is it?
    dent- make your n smaller but it looks pretty good i think
    skwint- much better except the t
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2009
  20. smooth_nuts

    smooth_nuts Elite Member

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    doing some dead cans..