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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Fube, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. oxiclean

    oxiclean Senior Member

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    Does it say Fran or eran?
  2. KSFone

    KSFone Member

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    Sooo I think this is my first post ever... CRITS PLEASE!

    This one I like the dots, makes it kinda even I think...(i hate the E)
    View attachment 456738

    This one I took the dots and made it even on both sides, better E here.
    View attachment 456739

    Simple throw, no Idea what I was doing with the accents on it...
    View attachment 456740

    Not sure could be a throw, showing some just simple blocks and such.
    View attachment 456741

    And last but not least a more colorful and smoother throw, different F
    View attachment 456742

    Yea that's it, CRITS PLEASE! Sorry if there's image problems or they're too big, thanks guys!
  3. sallybsk

    sallybsk Senior Member

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    you're right about the first E, drop it, the other Es look decent.
    though you're OKAY at making letters. you always make your letters too shaky and/or make one bigger than the rest. Often it's your K or the bar coming off of the K... and your S.
    Try consistency in the E and F... they both have two top extensions... that's just 1 bar away from being the same letter, so If they have some similarity I think it would look dope. That's just me. Because that's really what makes your style YOURS, not just random shapes, something that you can associate or identify is done by a certain writer.
    Sometimes your extensions are too little, try making the letters a little less fat and a bit taller. Mix things up,
  4. coldpizza

    coldpizza Member

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    Thanks for all the helpful advice. that wasnt an attempt at an Answer bite. I just did a few other A's and my friends who better at throws by leaps and bounds just told me no, so i was just trying. But thank you for all the help.
    Also it's fran.
  5. sallybsk

    sallybsk Senior Member

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    aye aye, you're welcome. just remember to use it ;)

    throwies are quite amazing and fun once you get them down. and you can play with letter structure in an abstract way also. but that's later on :D
  6. Azul

    Azul Senior Member

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  7. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    Azule: TRy making the top of your A flat so it matches the rest of your letters

    and don't bother putting the drop shadow in yet, master your throw first
  8. coldpizza

    coldpizza Member

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    Azule, your Z needs to flow a little better. Maybe make the bottom bar a little thicker. Also for the entire thing maybe try making all the edges a little softer.

    [Broken External Image]:

    Fixed the F. Rounded the edges and move it back a little. Made it more F like. Kept the R. Changed the A and went with a capitol N.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2009
  9. Paser1

    Paser1 Member

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  10. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    im digging everything but the a man, that little bulge on the right bottom bar, make it match hight wise with eh s bulge. and the line that goes up on the s cut taht in half its too long. and the line that goes horizontal throwugh the s, make it match with the line that goes through the e
  11. ThatguywhodrinksTea

    ThatguywhodrinksTea Senior Member

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  12. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    tea drinker that nice i like it
    paser the p an e are alright but the as needs work
    tasr thats solid except your sr is alot bigger then your ta an lose the crown

    jus started sketchin again. nothin impressive. my e is ugly. eh crits?
  13. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    pase you missed a shadow on the bottom of the e too homie
  14. hpir

    hpir Senior Member

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  15. DirtyDozen520

    DirtyDozen520 Senior Member

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    Kaw: I think you should define that 'K' a bit more.
  16. Paser1

    Paser1 Member

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  17. yikes3

    yikes3 New Member

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    whats up.. been lurking around BS for a while now, this is my first post. here are a couple fills that i've done in the past few days. looking for some crits and ways to improve and so forth. i have been playing around on paper for a while and this week picked up some cans and started practicing in a stairwell in my yard. any advice is appreciated.

  18. smooth_nuts

    smooth_nuts Elite Member

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    toy throwbattle yall!

    toy throwup battle callout
    Deadline:March 6th
    Rules:No digital modifications,color is your choice,one entry per person and all entries must be on paper.
    Pm all your entries to Smooth_nuts
  19. Capo Izi

    Capo Izi Senior Member

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    workin on shit...


    Thatguywhodrinkstea- pretty damn sweet yo..

    Azule-definitely work on it..

  20. Zarb

    Zarb Senior Member

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