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Time for gettin out.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bazer, Mar 30, 2008.

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whatchoo think nukkuh?

  1. Start painting

  2. Wait a little

  3. Do what you want

  1. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    If you go simple enough right from the beginning, you'll be fine.
  2. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    that is true, way to manny people think they can start all crazy

    i rather see some clean bubble letters than some noob "wildstyle"
  3. toxus

    toxus Elite Member

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    I think everyone should just stop in general.

    Graffiti is very boring these days.
  4. Auspicious

    Auspicious Senior Member

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    nuff said right here.
  5. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    you just gotta mix it up and keep it interesting!
    go naked, cross dress you know
  6. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

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    Word. Get a big piece of plywood/thick ass canvas. Practice. Get good. Destroy shit.
  7. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,966
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    yeah nothing is wrong with grabbin a sheet of plywood and learning kiddies
  8. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    Do what you want, I mean if you dont mind getting your tags/bombs sprayed over with TOY or another tag then go right ahead..
  9. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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    i think that somebody should have a decent idea of what they want to paint before they paint it. And whatever happened to practice spots, back when i started writing in like the 7th grade a buddie and i would go out to a tunnel or a wall in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and play with firecrackers and paint shit, I'm so tired of seeing whack ass shit on main st. Its ok to be whack but be whack where everyone dosent have to look at it and besides if you really are serious about graff then your gonna be progressing, so in a week ur gonna be better and dont want ppl seeing your old whack shit. This also goes hand in hand with the general rule of dont shit where you sleep, i see it all the time, kids wrecking shit and the whackness starts 40ft from there door, the kiddies just dont get it anymore, nobody thinks.
  10. BaSiC222

    BaSiC222 Senior Member

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    I think an artist should take his time and wait a bit and practice, practice, practice I've been at this game for about 3 years now and I love to just draw and sketch in my blackbook but if its something that I see that is amazing that I did I want to put it I say wait good things come to those who wait
  11. SUP one

    SUP one New Member

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    people are gonna do what they want but i personally think that toys should stay in the books to get better because they ruin it for everyone else....there are so many toys in my town hittin shit every where and now the heat is super high...u cant walk down the street with a bookbag without gettin stopped by the i say keep it in the books till u get good broskis

    much love,
  12. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    learn the game before you play it
  13. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    wait a little bit. i jus tag alot right now, i go play bball and hit up signs an ish before i go home
  14. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    ...practice makes perfect
  15. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    I think toys shouldn't be taking up too much space. They should just start doing small shit on places that aren't so hot because when I go out and see a wall full of great shit and there's a toy who ragged some dude I get kinda pissed off. Toys shouldn't go over anyone randomly.
  16. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

  17. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    take a trip to ottawa, you'll be pulling your hair out and screaming at the walls. a lot of the "vets" are just toys that get up a lot. it pisses me off, ive spent the past like two months doing sketch after sketch, just so my shit aint an eyesore when its up. but everytime i go to the area i bomb, shits always loaded up with wack tags from "vets"
  18. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    Yeah, but I've been sketching for like 4 hours a day every day for the past 4 months. I've been practicing painting on this board in my garage but I don't want to go over people until I'm REALLY good.
  19. k45t03r!

    k45t03r! Member

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    I think you should definately try and come up with something simple, maybe develop your skills on paper before you paint. But stick to spots that no one really knows about so you can get better. and dont fuck with other writers or crews youll just piss everyone off with your wack shit. Once your good enough start hitting up everywhere you can!
  20. BATER

    BATER Senior Member

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    i just think you should observe graffiti then throw some thing down on paper and when you think its decent enough for you and not everyone else then are after all advertising your name so its best to design something good before you want it seen and keep it a secret no one really wants to know your face and graffiti isn't really to make you popular with chicks if your just starting out