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Tips On Getting Away From Cops After Arrest

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by DILEC ONE, May 14, 2004.

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  1. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    for the most part, all that hard talk they thow at you wont amount to shit. just keep your mouth shut and ask to speak to a lawyer if it looks like it might go felony. and they can search your backpack if they have suspicion.
  2. DROOL

    DROOL Member

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    Exactly, considering they take out the locks and all the stuff.
  3. DROOL

    DROOL Member

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    Don't they have trackers in the electronics and the car? By the way, stealing can add another crime against you and make you wanted more.
  4. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    lol, my buddy got arrested awhile ago and he was bein a smart ass not givin his name and shit they cuffed him and put him in the car while they were talkin to us and they left the door open
    long story short he pulled some world's fastest indian shit and booked with the cuffs on
    saw him the next day without the cuffs lol
  5. QuestionMark?

    QuestionMark? Senior Member

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    :lol: haha thats so good.
  6. Encor

    Encor Member

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    once ur in the car there really is nothing u can do unless ur detained but thats not likely. best bet is to just run before they catch u. and instead of running forever run to a hiding spot. theyre not gonna chase u forever. but heres a cool tip, itried it once but im not sure if it actually worked or if it was coinceidence. when ur running look for a street sign and memorize it. once ur hidden pull out ur cell and call the cops and tell them that ur house is being robbed and give some ass address with the street name u memorized. the station will tell the cops to go check it out and they'll leave u alone.
  7. Rust.905

    Rust.905 Senior Member

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  8. meRlin68

    meRlin68 Senior Member

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    if ur thin u can probobly risk sliding in2 a storm drain (unless theyre lookin at u), or just run in2 the woods (u can usually hide under/behind sumtin, they dont bring out the dogs unless ur runnin drugs), another thing, this is easier 2 do in the winter becuz its dark earlier, dont tag in public areas after curfew, which is 12 on weekends here, if those laws apply 2 u, cuz curfew is a violation on its own, its a legit reason 4 the bacon 2 pick u up....
    if u got drugs on u (probably speed or coke, idk how ud tag drunk or stoned) RUN like hell cuz that culd lead 2 sum serious time in the hole

    and 1 more thing, this post is 2 long i know, always toss ur cans n gloves n ur black book if its on u
  9. anarchy

    anarchy Elite Member

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    woah storm drain doesn't sound like a good hiding spot.
    just run like hell. get inside somewhere. get on a bus. w.e.
    dont go in a damn storm drain.
    wtf is this teanage mutant ninja turtles type shit?
  10. Sentile

    Sentile Senior Member

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    Get a lawyer :huh:
  11. ruse

    ruse Senior Member

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    i got caught doin an electricity box while walking home from town but they never saw i had cans. i didnt have time to run so i didnt bother. they called me over asked shit about why i was out n all that so i explained i was walking home from town after comin from the pub [true], and they got the smell of drink off me so they thought i telling the truth. thing was i had a stash i picked up on the way and still had it on me as i didnt have time to drop it.
    they asked for my detials which i gave and they offered me a lift home but i said no. they then got suspicious so then i thought fuck it, better jump in and hope for the best. was talking away to em and they dropped me off outside my local station, they never realised i had cans. when they were out of sight i just turned around and continued on from where i left off.. sometimes it pays to cooperate and stay silent as in my case.. :D
  12. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    You could of said you were walking to a mates house or something
  13. LilTripEihtNine

    LilTripEihtNine Member

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    yeah i wouldnt recommend that cell fone thang cause all they do is look at the fone records n theyll have ur information n can get u on false reporting or whatever they call it whats the word? o n i wouldnt go down the storm drain either...what if a snake or somethin was n one of those n u just go fallin in after it...yeah not likely but u never kno whats down there is all im sayin
  14. ..MAR..

    ..MAR.. Member

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    run forest RUN!!!
  15. dirtbiXe

    dirtbiXe Member

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    only run if ur covering up ur face and they dont no who u are but otherwise if they ask wat ur doin jus tel them ur goin to a frends house or some bullshit lik that and if u do run find a good hiding spot wen u get the opurtunity
  16. dirtbiXe

    dirtbiXe Member

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    hahaha :lol:
  17. BeesKnees

    BeesKnees Senior Member

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    heres an example, my friend was racking shit from hmv, not the police just security, got caught so they took him down to like a holding area or something he gave them all fake names and stuff and they left him alone with a woman and he he said his parents were gonna beat him and shit and all that, so she took the cuffs off, then when the security gaurd came in he left the door a little open so he elbowed him in the stomach pushed the woman and booked it like fuck, hes slow as fuck and he still got away.

    and in general motivationally its a lot harder to chase than to run so thats on your side, if your nice and shit, they know they cant charge you, they wont arrest you
  18. crimateNC

    crimateNC Senior Member

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    take track and don't get caught n
  19. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    if you manage to get away after you've been arreste, you better run like hell. cause if you get recaught, your double fucked.
  20. TAN_ONE

    TAN_ONE Senior Member

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    well if your young and you run your probably not getting charge for resisting arrest b/c u can say you didn't know what 2 do