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Tips On Getting Away From Cops After Arrest

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by DILEC ONE, May 14, 2004.

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  1. esco93

    esco93 Senior Member

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    i have a pair of balls iv been writing for 2 years not sayin i kiss cops asses and fuckin call the police on myself for writing an i dint say im scared to go out and write im saying if im doing a fill in an a cop pulls up like rite next to me then hey i got caught an ima take responsibilty for what i did pay sum fines or watever then go out and write again....graff is illegal...but i do it.. i get up.. do wat i gotta if i get caught then thats apart of it...i dont see why u have a problem with that worry bout ur own damn self..
  2. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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  3. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    because to me graff is not only being good and having skill, you have to have an attitude, an attitude that takes a dick, not balls, sorry my friend, your like the guys who tag for FOX network shows, and harry potter movie backgrounds, (Order of the Phoenix, with the dementor, graff in background), your just making it seem like were all pussies, but were not. Read up on Pussy Etymology
  4. esco93

    esco93 Senior Member

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    im not tryna make anyone seem like a pussy and i dont think everyone else is a pussy .. im jus speakin my mind ....i respect any other writer that gets up an does there thing wether they respect the police or not...graff is how i express myself i love it and illegal...and if im any less of a writer then u are because i (in certain ways) respect the law then hey who gives a shit i know i dont....
  5. tuckfoys

    tuckfoys Senior Member

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    i give a shit. fuck outta here..
  6. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    well said tuckfoys.

    i understand you have an opinion here, but your getting to get ripped to shit here. if your like that, try going to a forum more based on art, and less on bombing.
  7. shie-ster

    shie-ster Senior Member

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    i dont think its worth being all houdini after you get arrested.unless you like, robebd a bank, or got cought with 10 kilos of crack on you.but if not, its pointless to bust your way out of a cop car for writing your name on a wall.
    p.s. acere your sig is such a jew :(
  8. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    yeah, this thread is kinda gay...

    but my sig is all good, once i hit 5 people talking about it im starting a tally lol
  9. shie-ster

    shie-ster Senior Member

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  10. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    lol, ill only leave one quote on, so it doesnt get so crowded. im keeping the best quote there though, so start talking about my sig *he says loudly for attention*

  11. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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  12. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    is that supposed to be an insult? being an idiot is fine in my opinion.
  13. Triple

    Triple New Member

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    Yea ive ran...
    Didnt work like at all...
    He knew where I was going and cut me off with his car...
    And when I was in the car...
    All I could do is sit
  14. AMansNotACamel

    AMansNotACamel Senior Member

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    once police put me in the back of a paddywagon with markers tins phones and bag still on me. i was to much of a bitch to take advantage of the situation. but i guess if you were a hectic as cunt you could etch holes in the glass
  15. Apel-MH

    Apel-MH Senior Member

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    LOL this is stupid, once youv been arested you have no hope. its better just to try and talk your way out of it. make em feel like what u done wrong they have done something similar rong you know?

    running after youv been hand cuffed is a srs offence and you'll prob do some time for it... getting court for graff is like com service or a fine.

    I have a question... when you see cops and feel your gonna get court do u try and get rid of your camera and phone (if they have pics on them) or do u keep em?

    Coz i would fucken smash them, espcialy if i had a fair amount on. my friends are getting court like tagging a bus stop and end up doing time for like 70 or 80 offences. it dosnt make sence....
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2008
  16. Randal The Vandal

    Randal The Vandal Senior Member

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    honestly i respect your opinion and all
    but what kind of writer respects the law??? wtf?
  17. Yes-h

    Yes-h Member

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    Where I live we have alot of bike and police cars(well of coarse). but anyways if a biker is chasing you use your fucking common sense....Stairs, small fences, anything. Also a cop car wont go into a parking garage. run up and go into the hotel and sit on the shitter for a hour, haha. i dont know about that but just some tips.

    But when it comes down to it i am guessing most chases will be on foot.
  18. Mr.Treez

    Mr.Treez Member

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    Ive noticed a lot of people are saying that if the cops know what you look like its useless to run away. youve got to be realllllll dumb to think that. ayo just cause dey seen your face doesent mean they know who you are! and one day if they do find you they still havent gottern any proof that it was you. If theyve got your name then dont run cause they probably wont even chase you. theyll know where you live, who you parents are and all. peice of cake to knock on your door the next morning.
  19. GraffitiEast2008

    GraffitiEast2008 Senior Member

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    kid run the fuck away then just leev ur fuckin state haha lay low for a while then you should be good son ... but ur kinda fucked man
  20. Tiros1

    Tiros1 Senior Member

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    i deleted my post because i shouldn't advocate running...

    bad things have happened to kids and a lot of cops will treat you as if you have no rights the second you run

    a kid from TX that was in new orleans got ran over by a policed car in a chase and was killed = (

    after i ran the other night my boys told me the cops said "IF I FIND HIM, BOY HIS HE GOING TO GET A FUCKIN BEATING"

    if you don't have a record and won't face really serious repercussions, it's not always worth risking getting fucked up by nightsticks, tazers, mace, grappling holds or worse...

    and of course it doesn't just happen to minorities who dress like thugs...i'm the whitest guy ever and i dress like a straight citizen, but that cop would've tried to tear my ass up and claimed i was resisting arrest while he was doing so