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Tips on solo bombing

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Senic_oner, Jul 31, 2015.

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  1. Zearo902

    Zearo902 Member

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    Also colors are big, don't wear bright colors, but also don't wear pitch black. If you're in a field hiding your dark black will stand out believe it or not. Real dark dark black doesnt exist in nature (unless you are in a room with the lights off and door closed). They'll see a black blob which will grab their attention and they'll shine their flashlight right on you.
  2. PimpinMyStreet

    PimpinMyStreet New Member

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    What ive learned/realized painting solo over time are 1. If wearing a bag on your back, use a towel or and extra shirt to kinda block the noise of your cans.(Especially when dipping)
    2. No need for bandanas or mask, nor over dressing or over packing your bag.
    3. TRUST YOUR GUT! if it looks sketchy, don't. That car in the distance IS usually a cop! (I can't count how many times I've gotten lucky!)
    4. Scope out during the day and night! Visible walls from the streets during the day, usually are hidden in the dark at night!
    5. USE COMMON SENSE! Don't make noise, don't listen to music, PRE SHAKE YOUR CANS!
    6. Try to get up during the week days! (Anything other than FRIDAY & SATURDAY!) Streets are usually almost completely bare, esp Mondays! (everyone has to get up and work in the morning)
    And finally 7. Don't wear black or too damn bright, you stick out way more than you think in black! Keep an extra shirt just in case! Hope this helps!

    BEARONE Member

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    dress like a tourist if your going into cities or if your bombing somewhere else sometimes its good to wear a orange work vest looks legit

    KÄNCEPT Member

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    Bro. I've heard that magnets work(to keep the metal ball still). Just a tip. Oh, and about the pre-shake can thing... nice tip. Will apply.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2015
  5. Travel

    Travel Senior Member

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    Stay fit! If your fast you won't be caught!
  6. Jeht.1

    Jeht.1 Senior Member

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    In city bombing go through ally ways.
  7. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    New tins have ceramic rattlers so magnets wont work for much longer. Assuming they are cheaper/more environmentally friendly/whatnot.
  8. Jeht.1

    Jeht.1 Senior Member

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    In Australia they are harder those cans.
  9. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

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    No need to get too paranoid. However you should never get too comfortable whith painting. Always keep an eye out.
  10. Jeht.1

    Jeht.1 Senior Member

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    Are you taking to me?
  11. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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    Fucking gold man :)
  12. Zena

    Zena New Member

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    I sort of think it all depends on your city, or even country. My city is statistically very small. It's hard to bomb here at night time even with a look-out, so going out at day will almost certainly get you caught. Day time bombs would normally be most effective in areas where not many people are, which to me means; not many people will see it. Good for practice, but if you want to be seen you have to hit well populated areas, so you either have to be red hot and just go for it during the day, or hit it in the dead of night.
  13. BANKO

    BANKO Senior Member

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    Just paint and watch for Feds don't need some elaborate ass plan lol
  14. guhdked

    guhdked Member

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    #3 should be applied to life in general, lmao

    still take reasonable risks though. especially if you arent going to be there for more than 5 minutes, max, depending on spot, right?
    stay safe and out of handcuffs

    greys, browns and neutral colors like this are guhd

    #6 :) he really hit the nail on the head, golden advice, i went out on boxing day night actually, and it was a ghost town, even in the city center. usually any day where the general public is typically going to be hungover the next day, go that night, for no disturbances.

    very guhd info being spread in this thread, keep it coming, i am interested if anyone has tips on cop dodging that are tried and tested

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2016
  15. esob

    esob Member

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    A lot of good information in this thread. I definitely say dress for the area, blend in. Know your area also, when it is busy and downtime. Scope out an area for awhile see how many people walk through it and what they are doing (do they just quickly walk through or hangout, etc..) Scanner apps are your friend IMO. I always know where the po are in my area before getting there and you're likely to hear a call come in if someone sees you. Eye the dimensions from your previous scope and work on it at home of exactly what you're going to do, then go back and execute and walk away.
  16. philaeagles611

    philaeagles611 Member

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    Act like you're supposed to be there. Don't be overly nervous or anxious.
  17. scaper

    scaper Senior Member

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    Just do your thing... walk up, hit your tag and casually walk away like nothing.. i do day and night, same for both. My rule is hit when i see no headlights and at night you can almost always hear cars coming before you see them, so use your ears. Its really not hard to not get caught. Just be smart. Id say majority get busted when drunk.
  18. Soul6

    Soul6 Member

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    dont dress like a vandal were very casual clothes like a t shirt depending on the weather...people may question the big round spray paint looking objectin ur pocket but better than wearing sweat pants and a t shirt just be a normal looking person