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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mindo, May 3, 2004.

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  1. abdominal snowman

    abdominal snowman Member

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  2. Hilo

    Hilo Elite Member

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    that belio throws ill yo.. those matr tags are dissapering :(
  3. MyManRoyGBiv!

    MyManRoyGBiv! Senior Member

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  4. hellomynameisftc

    hellomynameisftc Senior Member

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    lol!! I remember watching that video like... 4 years ago. Shit is jokes!

    Anyone catch flicks of the GH rooftop production at coxwell and danforth on top of that diner?
  5. Joe Huffer

    Joe Huffer Member

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    In Round 2 of the 'Ultimate Huffer' graffiti tournament, the 8 remaining writers from Round 1 go
    head-to-head in an exchange-style chrome burner battle. The pairings were chosen at random
    from a hat.

    For each battle, the two writers were supplied by us with 1 600ml Chrome and 1 500ml Low-pressure
    Tarblack. Each writer also received, and was allowed to use, the remaining cans won from their Round 1
    battles. The writers were told who they were battling 2 days prior to the battle to allow plenty
    of sketch time, and given 2 hours at the wall to paint. As with Round 1, the finished pieces were shown
    to Toronto writers Bacon and Wyspr as well as Emanuel from Montana Cans North America to be judged
    primarily on letter structure. The winner of each battle moves on to the next round.

    Check these for more info:
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    Arethose toys Hunger and Near in that next battle? Because I think its safe to say they are two writers who've brought nothing to the scene that isnt a carbon copy of something ive seen millions of times over years. Seriously. Fucking nothing. Why the fuck were they even in that last battle ??

    I was burning with originl style and for years without internet graffiti since before most of these youngins were even in there shitty diapers. I remembered about this site in its beginning days, and wanted to see how the newjacks think, and help out at the same time spreading some information and knowledge about changes, that would help them out hopefully. But everyone here, the ones that are sort of old and all the newjacks, are too cool for school. It's your funeral. You're all geniuses and I don't give a fuck past this point. Chill out with the responses in less then 15 seconds.
  7. Hurs

    Hurs Senior Member

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    lol then there wont b anyone on here...
  8. skunkjuice

    skunkjuice Senior Member

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    one of the funny things about that flickr is all the old dope shit they're missing.
    i've been to alot of the places this summer they're flicking to get my own flix but because they don't know whats what, they're missing the gems.

    too bad for them.
  9. Imanundercovercop

    Imanundercovercop Senior Member

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    not that the guy in charge does or doesn't know a lot about history but it's nice to see what's new too.
    more stolen
  10. rezwan

    rezwan Senior Member

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    props on the frowny face from parkdale. i like that kind of graff.
    i don't have thecameraskillstechnology, someone flick that double geah on the remax building, you seen it from the subway, midwest, ive never seen that on here
  11. skunkjuice

    skunkjuice Senior Member

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    the frowny face is dope. it's by a guy named Galooch.. it's been there since about 1988. if i'm not mistaken there's a Sonix tag beside that from the same time period.
  12. rezwan

    rezwan Senior Member

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    never seen sonix but i would catch "sonic" hits alot in weston, when i moved there a few heres bax...old new i don't know
    old LOOKING jar and janus out there...
    that's really awesome to think that little thing's been there since 88, and at such a prominent spot.

    alot of those before-my-time(of even really viewing it) flicks from teck from like the public festivals, to me seemed a no i'm not even gonna do that it is what it it is that it forever shall be.

    me growing up, i basically enjoyed recka sight sec dwel and teck(oh and ya that kane msk sec by the nofrills out has always been "neat")...kwest, yeah, elicser on a pedestal..., and had something more like sympathy for dudes like trik, and yes, vader. cuz i didn't like trik's style, except on that HUGE queen street rooftop, that's gone, and that door-top thing on spadina i guess i really just didn't like his throw. i appreciate it more now, actually. and i always dug those little cartoon, skate-brand type skulls that mind two would throw, like back in the late nineties.
    also, kaizen, tokyos handstyles and character, and alpha's handstyles, mostly, were welcome editions to the environment
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  13. Everydaygunplay

    Everydaygunplay Member

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    dnt forget focus konr sent and of course jafar. i remember when dudes where all up, two letter throws on all these corners now either buff spots, legal walls, or ad cover ups from the cities push to minimize open space to writers.
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  14. S4d3n

    S4d3n Senior Member

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    Speaking of jafar
  15. BASHER

    BASHER New Member

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    sorry for toyish question but could u guys tell me so spot to hit im just starting
  16. cesspool

    cesspool Senior Member

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    your backyard
    but first go to grammer skool mkay\?
  17. MedicineCabinet

    MedicineCabinet Senior Member

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  18. rezwan

    rezwan Senior Member

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    those guys weren't really around during "me growing up" there like 2 years older than me at the most. probably same age.

    i say tokyo and kaizen cuz they're non-threatening personalities that were up when i was in like grade 10.
    something about konr's throw made him seem like a scary dude. somethimes AU crushed TOO hard... but it was all interesting to watch
    only konr seemed scary
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  19. Hurs

    Hurs Senior Member

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    crushed too hard? lol WTF are you talking about??
  20. TheIceMan

    TheIceMan Senior Member

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    a piece of paper!