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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mindo, May 3, 2004.

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  1. copstee

    copstee Senior Member

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    Sorry for the internet beef in advance, I hate it as much as other probably do but here it goes...
    To the kids in the OGC crew, I know you probably lurk this forum so can you please stop making the go line look like complete shit! Its cool that theres people putting in work but please just take some time and hit some chill spots before going all out.

    Sincerly, A bencher who has to sit on the train everyday.
  2. cesspool

    cesspool Senior Member

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    moar pleez
    best posts i've seen in a while.
  3. copstee

    copstee Senior Member

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    Alrighty then, might be some reposts but they are all good enough to have a second glance!
    next one aint 416 but is close enough
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  4. copstee

    copstee Senior Member

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    Heres some more.

    Ill post more later. time for sleep
  5. modown

    modown Senior Member

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    i master baited all night long thanks to you dear sir!
  6. copstee

    copstee Senior Member

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  7. lakim shabazz

    lakim shabazz Moderator

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    psa to the heads who say they love HIP HOP or associate themselves with HIP HOP culture then come out Saturday feb 19th

    Landmine Ent. & Kronx Krew Ent.

    The Guru Tribute show
    featuring live performances by:
    Jeru The Damaja
    R.A The Rugged Man

    at the Opera House

    Hosted By: Klee Magor of Riviera Regime

    with King of The Dot proud 2 be eh battle MC Vol.10 final battle judged by
    Jeru Tha Damaja, Canibus and R.A.!

    Partial Proceeds of the event will be donated to DJ Kool Herc Fund in Guru's memory.

    show love for the father of HIP HOP Kool Dj Herc who is hospitalized with a life-threatening kidney illness and a lack of health insurance has left the 55-year-old appealing to the public for donations. Kool Herc’s famed Bronx house parties gave birth to HIP HOP in the late 1970s. Just last year, he rallied support to save the Boogie Down tenement where he hosted those events, now etched in history.

    having fun

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  8. MedicineCabinet

    MedicineCabinet Senior Member

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  9. 4menace2society0

    4menace2society0 Banned

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    just saw that grimy ass niqqa r.a. last night in the bean
    dope ass show
  10. modown

    modown Senior Member

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    news paper today

    Crackdown on graff.. thanks to Mayor Rob Ford.. yall betta bomb this weekend!

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  11. HARE2

    HARE2 Elite Member

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  12. citizen_paint

    citizen_paint Member

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  13. Afro Samurai

    Afro Samurai Senior Member

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  14. bleh

    bleh Senior Member

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  15. One Evil

    One Evil Elite Member

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    everyone hates on graffiti.. but everyone wants ads done store fronts done.. yet they cant stop bitching about buffing graffiti.. and redbull has been apart of graffiti for a few years now has it not? but still sounds bait as fuck... this kinda made me laugh "In a turn of events that once again proves the wisdom of Biggy Smalls, nine Bell employees are suing 19 co-workers over their recent $50-million lottery win." that proves the wisdom of biggy smalls? haha
  16. fivedollafitted

    fivedollafitted Member

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  17. your girlfriend.

    your girlfriend. Senior Member

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    Everything is in real time. Everything. Real. Time.
  18. spacer

    spacer Senior Member

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  19. modown

    modown Senior Member

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    more like new world order
  20. Siptester

    Siptester Senior Member

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