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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mindo, May 3, 2004.

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  1. OrokuSaki

    OrokuSaki Senior Member

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    naw its on the bottom part
    look closer
  2. bla

    bla Senior Member

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    What are you guys gonna do in the winter? It's gonna be so could, i dont think i am gonna have the balls to go out when its cold. I'm gonna do stickers, like put work into it (cause i am gonna have so much time). Tags in subways. And i was thinking of getting a small job and save up and buy like 3 or 2 cans a week until summer, so when summer comes i am gonna be ready. And sketch ofcourse.
    What are you guys gonna do?
  3. Arq

    Arq Member

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    i think that would be sick going out in a snow storm (dressed for the weather of coarse) and painting, because no one in there right mind would be out, and snow is always fun ,

    POLICE Senior Member

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    #2 never let em know your next move, dont you know bad boys move in silance and violence. .................take it from your highness...
  5. Degrassi St.

    Degrassi St. Senior Member

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    Stickers dont stick in the cold , outside.
  6. kosa

    kosa New Member

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    runnymede is too sick, reppin the tobes hard.

    POLICE Senior Member

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    Someon post some Grams

    R.I.P. countryclub grams
  8. sayso

    sayso Senior Member

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    what do u mean rip....ur kidding
  9. Urban Ninja

    Urban Ninja Senior Member

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    i think hes refering to one side of grams..... the country club side, what ever the fuck that means ;)
  10. BroadCaster

    BroadCaster Member

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  11. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    haha ive done that before, and hit a highway overpass with ease, no people in sight, and the few out, couldnt see me up that high anyways, fun shit. just dress warm! my hands were fuckin freeeeezing.
  12. Escape

    Escape Senior Member

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    It's not even all out winter yet and my hands still feel like they're dead when i'm done painting. I learned to fill with my thumb on the nozzle isntead of my pointing finger.
  13. Oh well, apparently it's supposed to be in the double digits tommarow. This weather never used change so randomly
  14. hombre

    hombre Member

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    alfah r. i. p......



    some photoshop illustrations i did....not graff but its somethin to look at other than beef....


  15. obnoxious

    obnoxious Senior Member

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    those characters are probably bitten by some other european artist no one hardly knows about. just like how you tried to pull it off as if you were the one who drew those characters on your signature of your old account eh nectar??? fucking faggot. go jerk off with your boyfriend ender.
  16. Fuck Internet Toys

    Fuck Internet Toys Senior Member

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    Ender has no right crossing out anybody With his scratch filled 3d and fill in wak style throwie using krylon getting jellious that sombody wanted to use the wall for better purposes, toy fag.
  17. seckzoner

    seckzoner Elite Member

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    haha, good memory you have
  18. disposable_hero

    disposable_hero Elite Member

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  19. disposable_hero

    disposable_hero Elite Member

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  20. hightension

    hightension Senior Member

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    what, no recka piece? you got beef with him??