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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mindo, May 3, 2004.

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  1. .Lakai

    .Lakai Senior Member

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  2. eraks

    eraks Member

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    i didnt put any imput on what he should right or not did i? no i said his crew was dead open your eyes next time your open your mouth first
  3. whocares!?!?!

    whocares!?!?! Senior Member

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    "Graffiti is not hip hop!" left of that SAKE... heheh
  4. Idocrack

    Idocrack Banned

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    Graffiti isnt hip-hop, graffiti is unlimited!
  5. st_nahpele_egnaro

    st_nahpele_egnaro Senior Member

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    graffiti came from hiphop wat you talking about?

    maybe this generation its mainly those emo fags wit the slick hair... n then the odd gangster
  6. bobby digital

    bobby digital Member

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    see the date on this one, how old were y'all then?vvvvvvvvvvvv
    what you toys need to understand is that a wysper handstyle with a marker is 100% more funky and dope than any piece you could paint with all the montanas you got
    this was the dopest keele wall vvvvvvvvvvvv
    all STOLEN except for this one:
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  7. mindo

    mindo Elite Member

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    wrong. Graffiti came showed up at the same time as hip hop, it just ended up getting lumped in with it by people who didn't know any better. Graffiti is whatever the hell you want it to be, you don't have to be hip hop to write.
  8. Goodyear

    Goodyear Member

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  9. capsize

    capsize Member

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  10. leg-e-leg

    leg-e-leg Senior Member

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    actually, didnt graff in america start after cornbread in '68? (cant remember if he was from philly or bmore, but im pretty sure it was philly)

    and then taki doin his thing in NY sparked some things off... hip hop wasnt coined as a term till 73

    did graff come from hip hop? no, esp. if u really wanna bring in what tha ancient greeks (or was it romans) were doin thousands of years ago

    but is graffiti a hip hop element? hell yes, why else would you have the zulu nation regarding it as one?

    i dont agree with you saying, it was lumped together 'by ppl who dont know better'

    to me, thas disrespecting tha writers that paved tha way, cuz hip hop, is taking nothing, and turning it into something... and at that point, graff really wasnt much, but with tha rise of hip hop (and its 4 elements, 5 if u kno whassup) graffiti as we know it began to grow...

    its almost like, hip hop took in graff, and made it an element of tha movement,

    u can ask those early writers, some of them were into Jazz, or Pink Floyd or whoever wasnt a rapper

    in today's climate, you dont have to be hip hop to write, hell naw, that doesnt make u a better writer, but dont deny tha influence, and tha fact that its regarded as a hip hop element, and imo, tha last pure element of hip hop

    jus my 3 and a half cents

    View attachment 315777
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  11. Snot

    Snot Senior Member

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    And if those emo fags or gangsters can write.. who the fuck cares?
    You obviously aren't looking at the REAL part of graffiti.. which is.. the graffiti.
    Not who writes it you fucking tool.
  12. hellomynameisftc

    hellomynameisftc Senior Member

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    yeah graffiti is all about molesting supple children, then writing their names on walls, right?

    it has nothing to do with hip hop. and im glad to see everyone got their panties in a twist. Toronto, Ragging since 06.
  13. fatpig

    fatpig Member

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    hope wysper makes a comeback! and graff used to be hip hop.. now its its own bullshit culture
  14. thesenor

    thesenor Senior Member

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    what? thats pretty close minded, graff is fuckin letters, thats it
  15. bobby digital

    bobby digital Member

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    i dont care about any of yalls worthless bullshit opinions about graffiti (which you all suck at) so heres more STOLEN flicks
  16. eraks

    eraks Member

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    that wysper is toooo fresh
  17. tsr

    tsr Senior Member

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  18. HamatoYoshi

    HamatoYoshi Senior Member

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  19. harm

    harm Senior Member

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    ren...wysper...recka...doh...hsa...kwota...some quality shit again, thanks for the posts.

    i love porn.

    el harm-oh.
  20. surfones

    surfones Senior Member

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