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Tot Characters

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by cess!, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    [Broken External Image]:

    quip- I'd work on the eyelids and make them more part of the head, also make the expression more interesting. You could look on google for human expressions to inspire you.

    Moonboots- It's not the way you did the character that annoys me, it's just the character. Looks like you got your own style down though.

    NouveauP- It looks very flat. Maybe change up the perspective. It also doesn't really look finished. It's missing something.
  2. Loki X Sho

    Loki X Sho Banned

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    haha i love yours eskimo
  3. Gully Head

    Gully Head Member

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    eskimo-im feeling that shit man,really like the shading on the toad,if that's what it is

    my scanner broke so sorry for it not being the full pic,but its the predator,and its still in the works
  4. -Wings-

    -Wings- Senior Member

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    Heres two of my characters. I dont do characters alot but im not that bad at them. (There both to the left of the pieces)
    View attachment 496886
    View attachment 496887

    Only ones I have, im going to be doing them alot more now :). Fun to draw.

    LIZARD Senior Member

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    gully head-it kinda looks like the predators head is to small...give him a neck other then that great details
  6. SrsBizns

    SrsBizns Member

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    wings the bear is sick
  7. Gully Head

    Gully Head Member

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    yeah thanks man
  8. Xx 1 3i 3i 7

    Xx 1 3i 3i 7 Member

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  9. Kaiser71

    Kaiser71 Senior Member

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    SEYo...I like the bear a lot more than the kid character
    Gully head...the preadtor character looks dope...I'd like to see it colored
    Eskimo...loved the simple pisse doff toad.

    Old...I never do characters. Anyways. Never really finished it.
    View attachment 498212
  10. LIZARD

    LIZARD Senior Member

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    needs alot of work...dont bother finishin that one just start over with the same concept
  11. Gully Head

    Gully Head Member

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    yeah thanks guys for the crits,but it was just a sketch but yeah i think i will make another with color
  12. Crush97

    Crush97 Member

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    what part of jersey u from u wut u write man u from newark
  13. Tryp

    Tryp Senior Member

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    stussy - nice man, i like that style, those elbows r key
    nouveuP - looks great to me. i like how u have some uneven discoloration on the skin.
    moonboots - very unique style, but definitely nice to see you do you. id like to see how you mesh a body with it.
    quip - great idea here for a recognizable charac, are you gonna stationary keep it facing us or different rotations around the face?
    eskimo2 - this is sick, very simple few lines, which i envy. and the setting is great.
    gully head - very nice man. details dope. shading looks pretty much on point too. you feel flexible/confident enough for different positions too?
    wings - these are pretty straight. the kids eyes are a little off but i understand u probably werent spending too much time on it i know. i like the bear too, i think its the marker fill throwing me off... keep with it though def.
    kaiser - i like the clothes, they dont look stiff, especially the jeans... avoiding hands though? :D
  14. Darko

    Darko Senior Member

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  15. Cybot

    Cybot Member

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    Make your characters nice and big, fat lines, bold colors and make em shiiiine.
  16. UncleFester

    UncleFester New Member

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  17. LIZARD

    LIZARD Senior Member

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    3d is a little screwed up and the character could use some work...that box truck is dope
  18. KNS13

    KNS13 Senior Member

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  19. Cilo

    Cilo Member

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    ^great artist work. love the colors and how you make it look like a real person. its to artistick for my taste, as i like more cartoony chars

    sorry for bad quality and no resize
  20. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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