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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by d_g, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    This is the beta 2.128799 version of the rules effective from now.

    If you repeatedly break the rules you will be warned first, continuing to break rules will reasult in a ban.


    * If you're posting in the picture threads (Toy Black Books, Toy Tags, Toy Bombs etc) make sure it's either criticism and/or pictures.

    * If posting in specific question threads stay on topic.

    * No double posting, there's an edit button for a reason, please use it.

    * If you're going to post something make it constructive - it's no help at all saying 'that sucks', also if you feel like giving props to someones work try and throw in a little constructive criticism as well.

    * Not all of us have NASA-standard internet speed. Embedded videos slow down our internet browsers and takes the page ages to load correctly, therefore, embedded videos will not be allowed in select threads (notably the most frequented ones like the toy chat thread and flick-specific threads like the intermediate thread)


    * No unnecessary bumping and quoting eg, quoting pictures to say 'dope' etc.

    * If your pics are on the last page you may bump them to the next if you want crits but if you bump the same image(s) too much they will be deleted.

    * Quoting text is acceptable, if quoting multiple pics edit out unnecessary ones.


    * Always search before asking - ie if you want to know how to get stickers, make ink etc use the search function. Most answers can be found on the first few pages of a thread that addresses the subject of what you want to know, if it can't be then it is worthy of the Toy Question thread. If it's a quick question with a quick answer it can be asked in Toy Questions.


    * Think before starting threads, unless they are grounds for good discussion there is already a thread for what you need. IE - Don't start threads for things like - asking for help, to meet writers in your town, how to get stickers, make ink, and about paint. If there's a question you have ask it in 'Toy Questions' (search first), if you're looking for crits post in the appropriate thread - Toy Black Books, Toy Tags etc.


    * Give crits if you expect to receive them. What goes around comes around, don't expect everyone to go out of their way to give you crits if you aren't polite to enough to help others out. If asking for crits try and give crits to the last 5 or so picture posters.

    * Don't turn down crits from people who aren't as good as you. Just because their skill level is less doesn't mean your piece is flawless and they can't pick it out.


    * No tolerence for beef, it will all be deleted, take it to the toy beef thread or PMs.

    I'm open to any opinions on the rules, I want this to work for everyone, not just me. Post up if you think something should be added or changed.


    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2011
  2. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    Personally, if it's in toy questions thread, I don't have a problem with it, but the other mods might.
    Mods? Any input?
  3. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Jedi, yeah I understand what you're saying, I'm about to edit the way I worded that line, if you want to quote text that's fine. If you want to quote a post that had pics in it (ie multiple pics or huge sized pics) then it would be better to edit them out. Quoting posts - text and/or pics - that are on the same or previous pages I think still isn't needed. It's pretty annoying when someone quotes like 5 bigass pictures then you expect them to say something important but all they've said is 'dope'.

    Independant - nope, the way I worded that means that if it's in the pictures threads it has to be a picture OR a picture + crits OR crits. The main thing with that rule is so that people don't start chatting in the thread, I'll clear the wording up on that one as well.

    Maste, personally I think that's alright, I'll reword that as well. Generally though, most of the time when searching the answers can be found on the first 5 pages of the thread, if they can't be found on them then they're most likely worthy of being posted in the Toy Q's thread.

    Thanks to everyone who posted, I don't want to be all fucking authoritarian on this, I really do want it to work for everyone and make the mods jobs easier, you'd be surprised how much shit we have to delete to keep the place helpful for the people who deserve it.
  4. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    OK beta 2.128799 is up with some edits to the quoting section.

    Is that better?

    Still open to suggestions on the rules.
  5. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    No Posting in this thread.
    If you have a "LEGIT" Idea for a rule fill free to post it up, a MOD like myself will go over it. Be sure to know if its what I call BooBoo then it will get deleted.

    Any random chit chat, or smart ass comment (as I deleted before)
    -1st time = warning
    -2nd Time= Me, or another mod going ham on your profile....
    **********You've been warned************
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