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Toy Stencils, Stickers, Posters

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by S2!, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Kruxos

    Kruxos Senior Member

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    2 by 4, or a giant baseball bat
  2. *cept*

    *cept* Senior Member

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    ugly as fuck. that shit is OLD and you really cant even tell what it is if youwere far away.
  3. Indigoblue

    Indigoblue Senior Member

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    test spray, new stencil
    9 layers - 6 for the birds, 3 for the branch. 9 colors.
    still needs some work - outline is a bit misregistered and the smaller bird needs to have more black shadows, it kinda looks incomplete in comparison to the rest.
  4. Chebyrashka

    Chebyrashka Senior Member

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    dam dude mega crazy and shit but a little confusing. for a time i thoguht its prey was liek anotehr image fliped over. But mega coo
  5. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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  6. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    hawt stuff bro!.......yewa keep working on it, imo change the color of the smaller bird to something different than the bigger bird
  7. The_NaMEz_BaNKz

    The_NaMEz_BaNKz Elite Member

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    whas the purpose of a multi stencil ?...i mean i can udnerstand 2..but 9 ?..why not like ur gonan carry them all around...and all the paint colorss?

    well idk how u stencilers do lmao
  8. Monky

    Monky Member

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  9. faTTYYY

    faTTYYY Senior Member

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    then give the bat some body.. atleast the outline as it crosses his chest and extend the stencil down to his waist so you see he is holding it... if not it just looks like something growing off the side of his body....
  10. Techkanuck

    Techkanuck Senior Member

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    messing around with some extra stickers
  11. HAJA

    HAJA Senior Member

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    bumped for the next page, indgo you have a real talent for stencils

    for a crit maybe do what bounty said last page change up the color on the
    2nd eagle, it gets a little confusing...also maybe work on the right talon a lil more...good start though
  12. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    Techkanuck- you should do that VOIS as a big ass roller..

    and that stencil above is really good, but yeah change the bird's prey to a different color combination from the large bird, like maybe a lighter/darker shade..
  13. Indigoblue

    Indigoblue Senior Member

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    thanks for the crits everyone
    I agree the smaller bird would look better in a different color.

    @ Bankz - if it goes up in the street it will be with posters and paste. Like you said, way too impractical. It's hard enough to get it lined up properly when I'm at home with all the time I want.

    @ HAJA - the right talon has the the small bird's talon next to it, that's why it looks fucked up. Probably need to do them two separate colors as well to make them look separate.

    :) back to work
  14. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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  15. Indigoblue

    Indigoblue Senior Member

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    Aight. These are my first ever vinyls. Just experimenting with different backgrounds using the same stencil.

    I like the green one best. Comments/crits?
  16. Attican

    Attican Senior Member

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    I'm demoralized, cause that shit is awesome.
  17. Indigoblue

    Indigoblue Senior Member

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    lol thanks :p

    Here's one more I finished up today
    acrylic and spraypaint
  18. Cliff

    Cliff Senior Member

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    the last one is the best. with the blue and yellow
  19. me.against.society

    me.against.society Member

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    indigo blue the best one imo is the the blue dark blue and yellow one but thats really nice
  20. ai292.photobucket.com_albums_mm40_KEEK__Picture086_1.jpg
    Some new character slaps im toying at.
    get it, toying?

    i thought it was rather funny.

    It was supposed to say Where is the love? where the scotch tape is.
    but i fucked it up because it was small and messy.

    Its godzilla, and hes pooping out my tag.
    but i fucked up the tag once again. hasnt been tested.

    Just a straight up handicap sign,
    for putting in funny places, or on my fills.
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