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toy Thief.

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Fube, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Vfto

    65 vote(s)
  2. mozer

    11 vote(s)
  3. case one

    4 vote(s)
  4. esco14

    15 vote(s)
  5. vero one

    26 vote(s)

    21 vote(s)

    13 vote(s)
  8. Knucks

    16 vote(s)
  1. jersOneTIC

    jersOneTIC Senior Member

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  2. fiba1er

    fiba1er Member

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    i think vero one is the best
  3. walkdatline

    walkdatline Senior Member

    • Messages: 144
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    i had to go wit ma man vfto..shit is nice and clean..keep it up home boiiiii
  4. Rank-oner!

    Rank-oner! Senior Member

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    Vfto had the best letters by far

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

    • Messages: 641
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    vfto gmv liked his simple...tho bazer would kill u....
    props to mozer liked that evil lookin jawn
    esco liked ur fill
    vero nice color scheme
    knucks i like it alot man...mayb battle sumtim nig pm if u down
  6. cleanlines

    cleanlines New Member

    • Messages: 4
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    case one

    hey man where u from case one? Im from the UK and also one!
    check out my stuff here

    If ur from around where im from do u mind changing what u write?

    If ur from america or something, write whatever the hell u like i guess im hardly gonna do anything to stop u.

    Just dont bite my stuff or anything.

  7. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

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  8. Derogatory9o5

    Derogatory9o5 Senior Member

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    vfto's was dope , but why u hateing on bazer?
  9. Case-One

    Case-One Senior Member

    • Messages: 383
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    the best one on here is vero-one, i don't know how everyone voted for a guy who can't even spell thief, wtf
  10. Rank-oner!

    Rank-oner! Senior Member

    • Messages: 397
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    no its not, he tried to do something way too complicated why do you think thats in the toy thread. People voted for vfto cause his letters are good and have flow.
  11. knucks

    knucks Senior Member

    • Messages: 127
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    By voting vero anyone decent on the site understands that you have only recently started writing, vero is wackkk.
  12. VERO1

    VERO1 Member

    • Messages: 11
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    sorry to inform you but your letters look like you're just starting to write. if people didn't feel sorry for you the voting column would be zero. this internet beefin is for kids. why don't you just shut up and let the numbers speak, i do this for fun just to past idle time.
  13. knucks

    knucks Senior Member

    • Messages: 127
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    Maybe your right but vfto should have 100% of these votes, i rocked a blockbuster for a reason.
  14. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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  15. Rots takes your Daughters

    Rots takes your Daughters Elite Member

    • Messages: 939
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    So for future reference. Mozer - Don't do your skyline the same color as your 3D when you split your 3D in two colors. It kinda makes me have to stare at it a second to realize your 3D is actually really long
  16. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    musashi's back hooray
  17. bring_the_MASe

    bring_the_MASe Senior Member

    • Messages: 97
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    im gunna have to go with the simple musashi on this one because all of the letters look like they fit...all the other sketches are nice its just some of the letters dont really go with the rest...really diggin the style vero just wish the letters were a little more distinct and legible...oh and knucks this is like the 5th thread ive been reading where all you've been doing is just bashing other people...just chill dude noones out to get you....oh and phaze that piece you did looked nice as well maybe try to get one in for the next one?? and the char wasn't really doing too much for the piece imo...whos ready for the nasm sketch battle to start?!?!?! i cant wait to see the outcome for the top 10
  18. bring_the_MASe

    bring_the_MASe Senior Member

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    oh and rotss the comment you made a few up ^^ i think you were refering to case? mozer is the black and white piece
  19. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

    • Messages: 3,368
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    vfto obvs. didnt belong in this battle really.
  20. M3KA1!

    M3KA1! Elite Member

    • Messages: 694
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    vfto and vero i was diggin yer shit. illllller