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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by CashFlowJoe, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. RagingOnVictim$

    RagingOnVictim$ Senior Member

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  2. gun runner

    gun runner Senior Member

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    koster if your gonna self promote, make sure its burnin homie...or at least take the car out proper

    just my opinion
  3. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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  4. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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  5. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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    RESMONEY Guest

    does that say "DOPE HOSER 6 CARS DOWN" ??? hahahha. ahhhhhhhh kost.
  7. Leprocy

    Leprocy Senior Member

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    ...kost don't know karate, but he knows carazzy...LOL
  8. Mute1

    Mute1 Elite Member

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    AHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol:
  9. New White Kicks

    New White Kicks Senior Member

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  10. wheelchair

    wheelchair Senior Member

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    hahaha so true kost will fist fuck up your life..that is when he's not planting rainbows or volunteering at the local citizens patrol office. :lol:
  11. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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    yo gravy its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    lets battle
    your so concerned about how I promote myself
    well why dont I promote you gettin burned
    by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how would you like that,
    dont worry im not looking to cap your stuff or vice versa
    but you did just piss down the wrong well,
    I share buckets of water with everyone,
    there is plenty to drink for all
    but when fuckholes like you come around and piss in
    my shit thats when its time to draw the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ima go rack say 20 cans, how does that sound?
    we will battle for twenty not so serious or nothin right.
    but i guess that will bump me up to 40!!!!
    and i wont be a loser if you win you win.
    and you will get your cans I wont roll you or nothin like that,
    so how does this sound MR. gun runner!
    im gonna be in town all weekend long.
    so we can go to a chill spot,
    a wall.
    witch is seldom for me to paint walls these days.
    seeing as i only rock steel,
    and I havnt seen much of your stuff. B)
    you probably might have a good chance!
    what do you say?
    p.m. me for details
    yo skittles this is no joke
    I hope your nuts are as big as your opinions
    and we will see if the parts are included or not!
  12. gun runner

    gun runner Senior Member

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    haha this definately isn't gravy, and im not going to waste my time battling for "internet cred". check your pm's, i'm sending you flicks.
  13. unlmtd

    unlmtd Senior Member

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    get em high..get em low...
  14. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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    you mist the whole cocept scooter,
    this aint about internet credit, to be quite honest i dont give a shit about the internet.
    it so happpens my girl is a sweetheart and kicked me down he lap top to use when i desire so i took advantage of the sitch, a dump a few photos on this site
    mostly for shits and giggles but then losers like you have to come around telling me how it and how it should be...................
    well fuck that shit
    i aint gonna let that shit ride
    im a pitcher and your gonna be the catcher
    im no dry guy
    but no ky for you i aint even go spit on it
    yoor takin dry bitch!
    thats all there is to it
    by the way i just went and racked 38 cans
    and yeah lets battle
    ima post the flicks as soon as my hommy drops of my didgi
    i trucked out and forgot in his ride

    on another note yo castro ima send you a flick of some 94 rusto flat white
    i just stumbled across when i was wracking i also got burgandy red
    2 white and 4 red and mabee tomorow im go buy up the rest of whats there
    befor ways and dehs do because there even worth buying
    there like 2 bucks a can at this place we got up here in the loophole! B)
  15. gun runner

    gun runner Senior Member

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    haha check your inbox, this shit stays in pm's.
  16. ice_etc

    ice_etc Member

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    etc is a family, and shit gets handled as such, your stepping on the wrong toes homie, so just keep it down suzie
  17. its me

    its me Senior Member

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  18. FEN the HEN

    FEN the HEN Elite Member

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    especially dope recycled pics

    RESMONEY Guest


    RESMONEY Guest