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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by CashFlowJoe, Dec 13, 2004.

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    dont post drunken ups...


    Get at me inky.
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    kaput, fresh as always
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    some ish

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    that truck is wicked.
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    holy shit that truck is so fucking sick
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    Matasi was shot, execution-style, outside a downtown Vancouver nightclub on Dec. 3, 2005. He was 23 at the time.

    Dennis Robert White, 30, received an automatic life sentence when he was convicted of second-degree murder, but on Friday was given a sentence for time without parole.

    Crown prosecutor Greg Weber had asked for 15 to 18 years without parole, while the defence asked for the minimum 10 years.
    Defence lawyer Terry LaLiberte said he will be appealing the sentence.

    "I think it's at the high end and I think that there is some of the character of the individual wasn't taken into consideration," he told reporters.

    The two men had a confrontation after White fired a gun outside the nightclub, and Matasi objected. White hit Matasi in the head with the gun and then shot him in the chest.

    A witness testified that White said, "you don't know who you're dealing with," before shooting Matasi.

    Weber accused White of shooting Matasi "execution-style" and of being a part of the drug subculture.

    Footage from a nightclub security camera captured Matasi trying to escape his killer before he was shot. Footage from another camera showed Matasi's friends tending to him after the shooting.

    Matasi was an avid skateboarder, and a Vancouver skateboard park was named in his honour. He also had a promising career as an artist and was weeks away from moving to Paris where he was going to live for a year with his girlfriend.

    The defence admitted Matasi had been shot by White. But they contended the Crown had failed to prove there was intention to kill, and the accused should therefore be convicted of manslaughter, not second-degree murder.

    "I think my son would be happy with the outcome today," said Susan Jessop, Matasi's mother, outside of the courthouse.

    "I hadn't imagined 16 (years), but as I say we were very satisfied with that,"

    she said.

    Lou Matasi, Lee's father, said he hopes the sentence will send a message.

    "Well, emotionally, I'll never have my son back," he said. "In some ways I'm relieved that the sixteen years, hopefully, will send a message out that enough is enough."

    Jessop told CTV News she believes there should be a minimum mandatory sentence for anyone caught with a gun.

    "No one leaves home with a gun with good intentions ... in an urban environment," she said.

    Jessop said if there is any message that can come out of this experience, she hopes parents can encourage their kids to be engaged.

    "I hope that parents engage their kids in art and sport, and keep them off the street and away from the video games that promote senseless violence, from my perspective," she said.

    "There's never going to be closure but it is a relief to have this part behind us," she had said before she headed into the courtroom this morning.
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    16 years for taking sombodys life, i say an eye for an eye somone take this fucking punk out, if he wants to live by the gun let him die by the shank in the big house. what are the chances this pussys in p.c everytime he leaves his cell... i hope the guys in the kitchen piss in his cornflakes every morning.
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    after hours cambie stees.
  17. New White Kicks

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    anyone got a pic of the enigma jasper above that hose from 95'?
    One of the oldest running spots in van.
  18. New White Kicks

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    for any kids that never saw this shit when it was current...
    Nice archive of pics from mark4...taking in the late nineties....peep it
  19. Sunrise Red

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    dont u mean 99?
  20. SoBmoB

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    ha, i saw wendy hawthrone at the skytrain station at scott road yesturday. enforcing tickets!

    Looks like they really did cut the vandalsquad.