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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. ColdBlooded

    ColdBlooded Senior Member

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    They're giving him crits...
    not bitching about it.
    if you dont like it than leave
    because we sure as fuck dont wanna hear it..
  2. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    get your bar porportions down better, why. its not bad at all. just watch your line consistancy a bit more and make sure your lines are parallel. keep them straight and crisp. and when you can do straight, crisp lines better. then you can do whatever you'd like. there good in many spots. but there are several where it buckles in or out. and stay on top of your 3D game, check the 3D on the right bar of your H. under the middle bar it gets thin, when it shouldnt. and the slightly curved lines don't look too hot. keep em straight for now or add a little line at the end to "dull it out" if you will. PM me if you dont get anything i said or need a bit more crits
  3. SOAR into outer SPACE

    SOAR into outer SPACE Member

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    Last edited: Oct 13, 2008
  4. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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    Kepp your bars the same width and height and move your letters in a bit closer, other than that its okay.
  5. xEpiCx

    xEpiCx Senior Member

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  6. freshsesh

    freshsesh Member

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    workin on it, been sticking to pen and paper lately tho.
  7. cerex89

    cerex89 Senior Member

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    good way to get caught
  8. freshsesh

    freshsesh Member

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    livin in a small beachtown , cops dont really do anything , any they have no proof , anyways , that truck is always changing i got pulled over once , i i told the cop i parked in a bad neighborhood
  9. cerex89

    cerex89 Senior Member

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    i suggest just stick to chill spots and paper
  10. freshsesh

    freshsesh Member

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    yeh , thats what i planned to do but im gettin rid of this car in a demo derby er some shitor for scrap metal soon , so i thought ide have some fun with it
  11. NEZ89

    NEZ89 Senior Member

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    HAIRCUT Banned

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  13. Juicy JSC

    Juicy JSC Member

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    aiight cats whats crackin with you cats? meh chillin.
    ne ways, that prone is alright, its in a good spot and its pretty basic but i would deffinitaly work on that wack shadow, other than that its ok, where is that though? on your base?
    And also whats up with that sesh stuff, i mean it looks bellow average but i guess it is a toy forum, all i have to say is work on your letters more and also sketch shit out before you put ups on your ride. Blech.
    Nez 89, that is pretty alright, i like everything except the arrow on the top of the second e, other than that to me it looks funk.
    p.s. this Juicy Cat Seems to be reppin JUNK now so we'll have to wait it out before this new word gets up, i got some pretty prime sketches and im putting ups at legacy soon so i just got to get a damn camera,
    peace to MS, FTP, SBK,
    btw JSC is making a comeback so watch out.

    Jamaican Shower CREW
    Just Stay CRUNK
    Jammin Smokin CRONIC
  14. nastonE

    nastonE Member

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    lmfao juice is either a cop, or some 9 year old kid trying to act cool
  15. mattxgrace

    mattxgrace Member

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    haha juice... "i got some pretty prime sketches and im putting ups at legacy soon"

    can you even spell graffiti?
  16. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    So you bombed your own car with your own wack toy throwy? Well, at least you are the only one that has to live with that abortion you can only call your own. Stick to pen and paper. And until further notice, you now belong to my hate list
  17. Hookr

    Hookr Senior Member

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  18. ColdBlooded

    ColdBlooded Senior Member

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    Flyt try to drop the last letters, it goes alot smaller after F....
    Make the curved bar that makes the Y go down more.
    make the bars the same width all the way through,
    the bottom of the L is to fat, and the top of the F is to small...
    Then drop some bigger 3d and it will look better
  19. stretched

    stretched Member

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    needs alot of touch ups
    help on my letter structure?
  20. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    to the dude that paints his car, are u rich man? u even painted over your window homie thats fuckin crazy. and not in a good way. to each his own but dude, thats one of the most retarded things ive ever seen on this site. good luck trying to sell that shit when u need a new ride. if u want graffiti on your car i know plenty of heads that would be more then willing to paint that shit all up with good letters on it. put the word out.