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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Freddy Avila

    Freddy Avila Member

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  2. IbuprofenTablets

    IbuprofenTablets Banned

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    Check the Beef Battle thread in this section of the forum.
  3. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    fuck you both, i'll battle too. :p lol
    also, ibu, totally agree on the name flipping, and not posting paint. can't be too cautious.
    good place to practice, battle and exchange, though.
    got a friend with a big head who got nabbed by showing off paint on a social networking site.
  4. IbuprofenTablets

    IbuprofenTablets Banned

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    Haha, word.

    concur wit' this

  5. ChadWarden

    ChadWarden Elite Member

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    thats actually are pretty cool R, especially if you're going for the "i stopped taking my pills" sort of vibe.
  6. MiDo93

    MiDo93 Senior Member

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    Some newish shit, trying to go simple for now. Besides the the middle part of the "M", any other crits?
  7. abeoners

    abeoners Senior Member

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  8. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    Way to go Abe, that looks really nice in my opinion. The bottom hole in the B and the R could use work though.

    @Mido: I like what you were going for, but the D is bigger than all the other letters and the hole in the O is a little awkward. Still better than what I could do probably though.
  9. NEwker

    NEwker Senior Member

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    ^This is what happens when it's dark. Crits I guess, even though I'm not happy with a single letter, and i know the fill is sloppy as hell. At least it's big, and up I guess?
  10. Jiska Matos

    Jiska Matos Senior Member

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    P2160452.jpg just another day with the crew

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    this. people like to run their fingers wild when someone dont post there shit as if it never existed because they aint seen it.

    @pat fans, id expect you to hold your tongue on a subject like this. tisk tisk
  12. dankbudz

    dankbudz Elite Member

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    have you ever even painted a mad graffiti piece burner style?

    thats what i thought...

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    You talkin to me breh?! I GOT THEM SHMURNERS ALL DAY
  14. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    man you see me. I don't fuck with this guy outta nowhere. he's always the one picking arguments with me lol. he's like an attention whore. usually shouldnt be feeding him. but you know if it'll shut him up. I'll battle him quick...
    and about that painted works argument. the way i see it, it is what it is until proven otherwise.

    anyway. I don't wanna stick around on this subject forever. ignore + move on

    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
  15. PIECE

    PIECE Senior Member

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  16. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    The new graffiti trend? I can dig it, raw and super simplified.
    lotsa peopele progressing very good keep doin it.
  17. Fakename.

    Fakename. Senior Member

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    I dig that piece phat!
  18. Mori

    Mori Senior Member

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    Oh fuck ya big gowj on the scene!
    That color scheme is dope, but you should have covered up the white around the top of the j with a top bar like you usually might fill that space better, last thing I gots to say is your j and e could drop down lower to match the other letters better., or it might be the angle you flicked it from, either way nice piece

    Phat that's a dope joint. I like the old school gigabit flavor fashaaw

    But straight up I think abers takes the cake and bakes it as far as this page goes, you went to work with that straight forward style.I digg the aggressive vibe your letters convey. Props ma dude

    banging out the mad tilt on the roller letters. Blew this spot up
    Can I get some crits? 2012-12-06 16.53.38.jpg
  19. paranoyaone

    paranoyaone Member

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    first time ive ever tried a simple piece and helpful crits would be really appreciated
  20. Norfsuthr

    Norfsuthr Elite Member

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    That's not a simple piece, what you wanna do is sketch a ton of simple pieces (on paper). And maybe try painting them once in a while. Looks like a cool spot though. Oh and let's not ever pose for the pic again.

    Mori- really like the font, only issue I can see is the N got a bit small, or maybe its that the S is a little bigger? lets see it along the top of a big brick building