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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. MF Feed Letter

    MF Feed Letter Senior Member

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    kwake dont lsiten to the toy who said change you style im liken that keep it rockin
  2. Fosale!

    Fosale! Elite Member

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    ^second that
    kwake's throwie is original and dope
  3. Necro-

    Necro- Senior Member

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    i agree its a fucking badass throw kwake, but everytime i look at it i mistake the K for an R.
  4. themack

    themack New Member

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    yeah kwake....that shit is fresh. but that k keeps looking like an R.
  5. DJLotus

    DJLotus Senior Member

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    Lol like 6 people just said the same exact thing... "Screw him! Your style is tight"

    Good job for agreeing people :p

    And shifty what I think he meant by that was... if you paint your room and start tagging and bombing in your area if the cops ever suspect you and come search your house they have a pretty nice piece of evidence....
  6. Ironik

    Ironik Senior Member

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  7. FEN the HEN

    FEN the HEN Elite Member

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    ya we all remember your stuff.......
  8. uhhh

    uhhh Elite Member

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    man. thats been at least 2 months. your telling me you have not done anything or gotten any flicks sense then?
  9. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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  10. toon!..

    toon!.. Elite Member

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  11. Ironik

    Ironik Senior Member

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    I really dont have a camera at the moment and ive mostly been doing throws and stickers ill have some flixs later and toon!.. ur jus plain out wack.
  12. d_g

    d_g Elite Member

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    Yeah, what s/he said.
  13. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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  14. beefgerky

    beefgerky Elite Member

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    haha ironik still comin back with the same old garbage and gettin butt hurt when people call it ugly...good old bombing science toys...
  15. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    nice spot and the r stinks fix the r up a bit id get rd of the line that goes through it
  16. beone

    beone Elite Member

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  17. Skeam

    Skeam Senior Member

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    that shit is dope man
  18. QuestionMark?

    QuestionMark? Senior Member

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  19. DaseONE

    DaseONE Senior Member

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    OMGOMGOMG, i know him aha jk..not really.

  20. beefgerky

    beefgerky Elite Member

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    gosh change the points to normal tops. would look better..