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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. nerdx

    nerdx Elite Member

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    correct, did climb that hting. but they are much farther apart then they seem. i kind of had to hop up to get onto the second one. also didnt feel very sturdy.
    as for the shadow, yeah i realized that its a little off and i missed a part on the m.
    and the e and r are my most difficult letters.

    also bombed a truck but they buffed it already, and some security gate things but they were up during the day because the business was open. ill try and get some photos later.
  2. magic nyc

    magic nyc Elite Member

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  3. beke

    beke Senior Member

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    if you're going ot make one letter go off the edge, make all the letters go off the bottom edge, and im really not feelin the a, but i like the G keep workin on it! =)
  4. yesrejwen

    yesrejwen Senior Member

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    no offense, but looks like whatever you went over was a lot better than yours hahah
  5. shifty!

    shifty! Senior Member

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    not feeling it, letters arnt very good, fill is wack, you should try to get some fat caps, and looks like you went over a decent throw, so i would stay with paper for now...
  6. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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  7. myl

    myl Elite Member

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  8. FEN the HEN

    FEN the HEN Elite Member

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    what kinda caps did you use for those cracks in your piece
  9. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    new york thins...then i cut the lines down with the colour of the fill. so before i cut them they looked like my outline. :lol:
  10. pound

    pound Member

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    super clean... good job on that.
  11. FEN the HEN

    FEN the HEN Elite Member

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    haha, that piece is sick to. i love ny thins or bombing nothin beats them

    p.s props to steven colbert :lol:
  12. dibz

    dibz Senior Member

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    ume- very proper. :)
  13. BKDWUN

    BKDWUN New Member

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  14. OliveOil

    OliveOil Senior Member

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    wrong threaddd sucka
  15. SeKz

    SeKz Senior Member

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  16. cord

    cord Elite Member

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    it looks sweet seks, looks like proper good can control......

    nerdx i like the hollow on the roof thing haha
  17. aces

    aces Elite Member

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  18. Blix

    Blix Senior Member

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    bkd man you need to work on that shit
  19. namesake

    namesake Senior Member

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    i think its funny how Kool-Aid Man is smiling, but he's saying "oh nooo". lmao :lol:

    but seriously BKD, u need to try and find a different thing man. That just not working out for ya.
  20. FEN the HEN

    FEN the HEN Elite Member

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