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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Skeam

    Skeam Senior Member

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    i cant really judge what forum should be in, i know the other 2 peices wouldnt usually be here but i dno bout mine, ill post it in both forums. Nintendo Production.

    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:

  2. Skesh

    Skesh Elite Member

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    Omfg thats really, really, really fucking nice
  3. ras

    ras Banned

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    skeam...your can control is from another world..your gonna be such and amazing artist
  4. ThickGravy

    ThickGravy Senior Member

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    Which one was his though?
  5. AIP

    AIP Senior Member

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    first one im pretty sure.
  6. bojangles

    bojangles Senior Member

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    mask, for your first piece that is good and you cant really tell that you were running out of paint for the forcefield..i like the spot aswell.

    skeam..that is immense, you dont need to post them pics in the toys forum.
  7. karmatikal

    karmatikal Senior Member

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    nesk your letters are a lot better than last time i saw your shit, nice work on the production, the street fighter piece is insane
  8. trashhh

    trashhh Elite Member

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    EDIT Much better flick

    and nesk thats so nice
  9. DEEL [CO]

    DEEL [CO] Member

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    better than first post?

    i changed up my letter sytle a bit.

  10. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    trash its hella dope B!

    tube make the holes in the B smaller. and your t is soggy.
  11. DEEL [CO]

    DEEL [CO] Member

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    so make the t clean; no saggin'/ and make the holes smaller.


  12. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    how come u only added shadow on the b?
  13. miro

    miro Member

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  14. DEEL [CO]

    DEEL [CO] Member

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    that's where the can sprayed?

    not sure how to answer that.

    miro - i like your s, but use a bigger cap for your fill.

    looks like a stock cappppp
  15. miro

    miro Member

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    nah, I used a NY fat
  16. Senior Member

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  17. dim

    dim Elite Member

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    your p and e need work
  18. Dinan 3er

    Dinan 3er Senior Member

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    cesp, I kindof like your letters.
  19. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    the S is probably a keeper.
    C isnt bad either, but the P and E need to be worked on

    Oh...and that fill on the first one is fuckin terrible.
  20. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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