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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    Don't do it.
    stick with the blackbooks not paint.

    do that shit next year when you actually get style and can control..

  2. rental space

    rental space New Member

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    Damn, looks like somethin' REVS would do.
  3. enigmatic

    enigmatic Senior Member

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  4. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    ^ would be better with can control.
    letters are ok.
    handstyle, fill and everything else is garbage.

    throwie above it is ill tho.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2007
  5. ekimboi1

    ekimboi1 Senior Member

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    man ive always wanted to do a roller on a freight, like a whole car, but were i live all the freights are the red ones and shit and they have too many things to paint around!
  6. Grape1

    Grape1 Senior Member

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  7. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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    sry about size...cant be botherd to resize
    crits plz
  8. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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  9. ClOH

    ClOH Member

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    Jers i like that piece as well and grape one is nice too
  10. Z FUSE

    Z FUSE Senior Member

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  11. younopewho

    younopewho Member

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  12. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    Deca-work on ya letters
    Nope-nice work.keep it up
  13. Bon3s

    Bon3s Senior Member

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    enigma, forgot to crit it last page, i really like that color scheme and fill, looks hot with those highlights too.zfuse: the k looks sort of like an H in the wisk piece.nope: looks nice haha nice placemtnrudebwoy: you delete that pic out of your sig?
  14. StAtiK1

    StAtiK1 Senior Member

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  15. Grape1

    Grape1 Senior Member

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  16. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    Hives:Dont paint the tracks..
    Enigma:Too much odd shit goin on in their and non of it really fits, but it does have some nice brightening thingers(??)
    Nope:I like it, try and add a forcefield on some of them maybe give some two color fills so that it doesnt always look the same.
    Grape:i like the throw but it only looks like a one letter?
    [Broken External Image]:
    Its not finished.
  17. StAtiK1

    StAtiK1 Senior Member

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    ya id prob do the same, or u can add an extra letter on the end or something. and by the way u can watch route 66 on google vids but search route 66 cause thats what the title is, its a typo. and its an australian movie so hes from australia
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2007
  18. B$uR2EaTyOuRc0oKiEs

    B$uR2EaTyOuRc0oKiEs Member

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  19. younopewho

    younopewho Member

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    I found it and watched what I could for now.. Australia is way far away from me so it's cool.
  20. kyher

    kyher Member

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