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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. shiva - the destroyer

    shiva - the destroyer Senior Member

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    don't forget to use bars (look at the top of the R and the bottom, that curving is never going to end where the bar ends.
    if you know what i mean..
  2. Teez-EmM!!!

    Teez-EmM!!! Elite Member

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    cais the black fill is ill man i just think ur letters are ugly. fuck man with ur can control and better letters ur shit would be fucking solid any way its ill keep it up
  3. AyteYourCookies

    AyteYourCookies Senior Member

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    Jers -sicknusss
    Cais - weeeeeeak letters

  4. Reson.

    Reson. Member

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    Did this real quick today before i went to school

    Attached Files:

  5. blunttokes

    blunttokes Elite Member

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    work on it^

    cias nice job but ya the lettes arent all that good..

    jerz u just blew up the page but then goes downhill after that..

    keep it up

    jerz owns!
  6. Shoook

    Shoook Senior Member

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    any one from BC canada
  7. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    cais shit isn't bad at all.
    i would say to separate the stars from the letters more.
    the one attached to the I just makes it look like a big blob.
  8. Cliff

    Cliff Senior Member

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    Stick to the books bro. Either that or get a board you can practice on
  9. me.against.society

    me.against.society Member

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    the first one is fuckin awsome!!! keep iy up man
  10. Kils, definitely saw the one on the coke truck this weekend.

    its dope. your ridiculous. your up everywhere.
  11. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    some shit from tonight. emphasis on shit. im not happy at all with these pieces.
    ill get day flicks... see if it looks any better.

    [Broken External Image]:
    [Broken External Image]:
    ^^fucked the fill up:( couldnt see anything on the roof...

    and yes, i know my S's look like 5's.

    forgot the roll call
    [Broken External Image]:

    lol, 4th edit
    Last edited: May 21, 2008
  12. Bets369R

    Bets369R Elite Member

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    Rasek- They all look fine to me. the middle of the A on the first one could be bigger, but other than that i dont see why you dont like them

    Edit: looking at it again, i doo see where you messed up the fill, but its not that noticeable in the pics, and the loop of the S in the 1st is too fat, and the leg of the R is too huge flaws though.
  13. EsKoNeR!!

    EsKoNeR!! Elite Member

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    first painted piece back in a LONG time. anyway, there ya go.
  14. younopewho

    younopewho Member

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    Needs to be cleaned up a bit I think..

  15. Kruxos

    Kruxos Senior Member

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    slide that e back into the p, NOP is together, but the e is just seperated.
  16. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    Jetpack and Esco both your shit looks dope. Keep up the good work
  17. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    hi haters?

    HI SINS!
  18. DEAR

    DEAR Senior Member

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    word word word, i like it lots not to mention all the snow, i feel the pain in painting in snowy cold as fuck conditions, looks tight
  19. griz

    griz Member

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