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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by KAMO, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. cans905

    cans905 Senior Member

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    irek- i know wut u mean... i hate it when im rushed and then all my stuff fails on me
    but considering, it is not that bad, just lose the extensions coming out of the left side and bottom of the e
  2. freka

    freka Senior Member

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    bump for crits please
  3. Teez-EmM!!!

    Teez-EmM!!! Elite Member

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    two doller paint
    this piece was the first time i painted in two weeks the wall was also incredable wet witch is why some parts of my piece look like there melting
  4. BadUncing69

    BadUncing69 Senior Member

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    why is there only like one picture in this joint
  5. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    yeah, delete the first post with the link ;) other than that keep at it and make sure posts like that go in the Blackbook thread not the bombs thread, paint only here
  6. JETPACK!!

    JETPACK!! Banned

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    tezm, that first piece is dope, keep it up.

    3Ds kinna fucked up at points, but its tight
  7. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    Om Nom Nom Nom Nom

    hahah dude I dont even know, I just needed to get outta my house so I went to kids kingdom and painted a digi-shark.
  8. Klaz

    Klaz Elite Member

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    haha its very nice but its not graffiti:p

    post up one of your pieces, im curious now.
  9. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    nice shit tez, looks like you always rush your fills though??? like you do a dusty fill even though it's obviously a day spot, i think if you spent more time on it it would look much better... also i agree with jetpack the first one is hot just maybe fix up the left leg of the M it seems to fat you know?
  10. Stonk

    Stonk Senior Member

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    sloth make sure you learn how to draw regular straight letters really helps out a whole lot.

    dont paitn that shark thing.

    Sner your can control is amazing..but your letters need a little more work..maybe straigher?

    haven't posted anything in a while..
  11. mekosbc

    mekosbc Senior Member

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    with the whole fr8 shit, i learned how to bomb and kill shit wit throwies be for i learned peicing with paint and you can only kill your area so many times befor it gets old... and yes i would hit underbridges and shit but all the bridges in my area are blocked from the construction of the casinos where the steel use to be.... im still gunna hit fr8z im tryin to expand my skill level you can only go so far with throwies... and any one can see my bombin is better then my peices... i take as much advice as possible from any stilll gunna hit the fr8z... ill watch the numberz and shit and ill loose the arrowz ill post it up when i do it... 1
  12. Spraycan Stories

    Spraycan Stories Senior Member

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  13. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    thats the most recent one, just went freestyle cause I left my blackbook at home, same with this next pic..... I just posted these a few pages back I think.


    This one...
    is a little style I've been working on. I obviously havnt gotten all the tweeks out yet, but I've done alot of work since then mostly on letter structure itself, and its gotten alot better. Just havnt gotten the chance to paint it yet.


    Thats the original drawing.

    Im just tired of seeing so many styles that look alot alike. Atleast with wildstyles I mean. So I've just been working on finding my own funk, and I think Im coming along nicely.
  14. cans905

    cans905 Senior Member

    • Messages: 88
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    tride- ive never seen someone purposelly made their aura drip into the piece but i have to say, u did it well
    and im curious... who is it u keep painting over?
  15. Hater-AiD~>

    Hater-AiD~> Elite Member

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    thats one strange style
  16. ColdBlooded

    ColdBlooded Senior Member

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    6:55am! Lastnight, well.....This morning was the shit, flicks this afternoon if I dont sleep all day
  17. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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    I GOT CLOUT Elite Member

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    And your point Maso?

    Whoever keeps tellin that kid to not paint the fish, and that its not graffiti...who the fuck are you? Id rather see that on a wall than some of the bullshit I see on this thread. Keep doing your thing son.
  19. MUSEone

    MUSEone Elite Member

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    That the kid is from my town. Nothing More. Nothing Less.
  20. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    hahaha Mmmmm internet beef, too bad Im vegetarian.