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Weapon Of Choice

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by ghost_tsg_2005, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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  2. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    my super hardcore intense pink sharpie
  3. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    i killed my last can of pink hardcore yesterday it was super..

    no lie i did
  4. zorkfromny

    zorkfromny Member

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    Marker: Silver Uni
    Paint: Flat Black Rusto

    thats it for daily oh and scratchiess lol
  5. Dream Creation

    Dream Creation Senior Member

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    marker 30mm black on the run (ink)
    can black belton
  6. Enmity

    Enmity Elite Member

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    grog mop and my ak
  7. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    gpmg hardly ever jams
  8. AVID1

    AVID1 Senior Member

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    anything and everything.
  9. toke_wdc

    toke_wdc Elite Member

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    LOL throw ups.
  10. NAME246

    NAME246 Member

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    Kiwi mops are great
  11. Doug Heffernan

    Doug Heffernan Senior Member

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    Kiwis are aight for big shit but to scale it down i rock the gluestick or mini bingoes or my secret specialty mops write about the same size as a gluer. Besids that i rock an etch rock for scratchies astro caps german thins off of tire spray shit(better then the thins iv tried) and stocks rock that on the new rusto painters touch(of course only pay a doller a can if im even paying) an some spray tar as far as paint usually. Maker steeze be 2 way zigs with my own inks or woodcraft minimops an some whiteout pens filled with diff colours. There you go my basic everyday arsenal something to fit anysize or surface.
  12. NAME246

    NAME246 Member

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    I have wrote with a tic tic marker and it works really well and it is easy to make
  13. RaZoR123

    RaZoR123 Senior Member

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    Yeah! The Tic Tac kicks extreme ass...its like the asian version of a Mini Wide

    EDIT: Posted a Tut on how to make it in the markers thread....last page! Oh! And i rock:

    Wheatpaste- Keep it in 32 Oz McDonalds cup w/ Brush

    Kiwi Mop

    Full Sheet label stickers from Staples.....
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2007
  14. *Soap*

    *Soap* Guest

    Favourite Marker: Edding 800 and 850
    Favourite Cans: Montana Gold and Platinum(also use Belton Molotow)
    Favourite caps: Fine Skinny(Montana) and Pink middle Fat (Belton/Montana)
  15. Tode

    Tode Elite Member

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    nigggaz duno bout deez
  16. TTO.TC

    TTO.TC Senior Member

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  17. tense

    tense Elite Member

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    i like a 50mm typeholics with a couple cans of rusto and sum bucket paint.
  18. Secks

    Secks Member

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    any can of ironlak or flat black , chrome or skyblue dulux

    any cap

    and a phat pen with ill drips and some hard as to buff ink
  19. Beef.Its.Whats.For.Dinner

    Beef.Its.Whats.For.Dinner Member

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    Molotow 440PP Flow Pen <3
  20. Beef.Its.Whats.For.Dinner

    Beef.Its.Whats.For.Dinner Member

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    n a can of painters touch (best we get) with a rusto... i miss my only rusto:((