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Weekly Sketch Battle - Dark

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by BORG, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. saresintexas

  2. vice

  3. chill out

  4. smesta

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  5. calibrated

  6. pureemotion

  7. waffle crisp

  8. johndoe

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  9. perse

  10. vero

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  1. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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    [Broken External Image]:
    Chill out


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    [Broken External Image]:

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    Waffle crisp

    [Broken External Image]:

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    [Broken External Image]:

    ***WEEKLY SKETCH BATTLE (Toy/Advanced) ***
    WORD: Ecto
    SPECIFICS: This must be one [1] sketch, on paper.
    DEADLINE: Sunday, September 27, 2009
    RULES: This battle is for writers of any skill level, and the moderator will determine whether your entry is advanced or toy. Two polls will be made one for toys and one for advanced. No digital modifications, as always. One entry per person. Please send your entry with the word of the battle in the title. If you fail to do so, your entry will not be accepted. The PM space is needed.
  2. TheMurderousMisterMero_

    TheMurderousMisterMero_ Banned

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    vice got it for me with dope letters and i like that purple highlight he had goin on in his fill...also that charlie murphey thing was funny.runners up,chill out and calibrated.
  3. cal1b.rateD

    cal1b.rateD Member

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    i like chill outs sketchiness
  4. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    Props to Calibrated.
  5. Regius

    Regius Senior Member

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    chillout got the vote.

    i wasn't feeling some of the a's.

    but dope battle!
  6. funhouseXcast

    funhouseXcast Elite Member

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    I'm not hating on chillout, but i think the website needs to get off his dick, he's won like the past five battles in a row with the same style.
  7. EasyLife

    EasyLife Member

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    calibrated. love the R. also liked smestas and pure's clown.
  8. smesta

    smesta Senior Member

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    Calibrated got my vote, that is dope. I really liked Waffle as well. Dunno just love the clean style.
  9. Sizzuurp

    Sizzuurp Senior Member

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    chillout has been killin it. good battle
  10. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    I voted chill, but only because i think his style worked well the word. I didn't vote for him on the other battle tho, i get what ya mean tho.
  11. lilbmxking

    lilbmxking Senior Member

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    i voted calibrated, just a unique style, same with Waffle crisp, waffle crisp could probably work on the style a little more and it would look more dece but deffenetly they both have style
  12. keepsicks

    keepsicks Elite Member

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    chillout has tha best letter formation going on with balance and flow....i would have voted vice but tha connections from tha d-A and tha R-K im not feelin...still runner up hands down but chillout came correct with the layout of tha sure some people see it different ,but thats my opinion
  13. EasyLife

    EasyLife Member

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    i agree with you bmx. i like waffle's a lot but it's missin somethin.
  14. EyeZee

    EyeZee Senior Member

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    what a wack ass battle
  15. GASHER1-Still fREE-

    GASHER1-Still fREE- New Member

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    Pureemotion NO DOUBT

    PROPS TO CHill OUt

  16. DRONE_905

    DRONE_905 Senior Member

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    vice is dope but i went with perse just cus i like the letter structure
  17. TheScapeOne

    TheScapeOne New Member

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    Waffle Crisp: i love that A and R man
  18. Waffle Crisp

    Waffle Crisp New Member

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  19. DuskSAN

    DuskSAN Senior Member

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  20. B.S. POLICE

    B.S. POLICE Banned

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    null! vice lost me on the k

    calibrated had a real nice fill and color combo but fell short when it came to letter structure